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  1. okred


  2. There's a motorcycle on the page?
  3. They don't sell duct tape in Queens? Ah, just kidding. Enjoy them while they are small, cause it'll all be done in the blink of an eye...
  4. I ate an ant once - by accident - and it tasted sourish, but not horrible. Crunchy, of course. I think that they do make a good source of protein...
  5. okred

    Road to Ronda

    Those European roads are SO choice.....
  6. Just a note for those considering this mod - I installed a competion werkes fender eliminator last summer and un-installed it this winter. Yes, it cleaned up the lines significantly... but it turns out that riding over anything moderately rough (railroad track, driveway apron) with a passenger causes the dreaded license plate taco :doh: . I straightened it out a few times and then, after finding out that the soon to be installed OEM bags required the stock fender, simply gave up and removed the #$%#$ thing and reinstalled the stock fender. The mod explained in this post may use a different m
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