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  1. I haven't been online in a while - but it really makes me smile to see this picture featured and see the comments. That very same bike is still on my driveway, and I keep putting more miles on her. It's been a while since I've done a proper ride report - I guess I'm overdue?
  2. Since when do the ladies not look great as well?! You, especially, should know better. :) MaxSwell, Axel_7 does have a good point. Quite often a man's T-shirt can look like a burlap sack on a woman - it's all about the sizing and the cut.
  3. @ Polar Bear - it's easy to choose. One of the twins has hard luggage installed, the other doesn't. I take whichever suits my needs for that particular day.
  4. I'm in for the event this summer - looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting a few riders that I only know from the form.
  5. Off to the Emerald Isle to tame a Tiger.

    1. MaxSwell


      Be sure to get a good grip on that tail. ;) And don't let go!

  6. Even though most of the highways and bridges have been repaired there are plenty of signs left behind from the flood - new stone lined dry creek beds, replaced sections of roads and bridges, and landscape changes wrought by nature. Still lots of areas where flood damage is a raw wound on the landscape.
  7. Count down to two wheels in Ireland...

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