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  1. hmmmm anonymous background... anonymous rider... anonymous paint color... anonymous ground color... good luck figuring this one out. :fing02:
  2. elevation


    That is beautifully done. :fing02:
  3. elevation


    please put the VFR snow plow back up :fing02:
  4. thanks! Picture was taken with an Pentax Optio W60 freehand (soft flash, auto) with my right hand, throttle meister engaged. All my other freehand pics are at www.ridefar.ca enjoy!
  5. elevation

    Torrey, UT

    Great memories riding through here
  6. elevation


    ahhh Utah. I need to go back there.... and get me 12 wives!
  7. fantastic scenery! was there last year. That is a very close ride for you eh?
  8. elevation

    Oregon Roads

    Asotin or Hells Canyon?
  9. I was just there... Beautiful! I could stare at those Tetons all day :cheerleader:
  10. elevation


    Fantastic shot! Thanks for having the restraint and taking this picture. It's all too easy to twist it and rip it through those corners!
  11. Old Spiral Hwy right above Lewiston, ID. Check it on a google map. It's worth it! soichro, yes recall is done and VFRness is on the way.
  12. Shortly after this picture was taken my 30amp fuse wire melted the connector!
  13. elevation


    Since you can't really see the kickstand in this picture it looks like the bike is riding itself down the road!
  14. Nice corners!!! Great shot too.
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