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  1. Wow! I have not seen that movies since I was probably 8 years old! I had totally forgot about it, but I now reember liking it a lot when I was young. Hope you get the brake pedal figured out; I'll probably be back to look through this thred in a month or two as this is the next mod my bike needs. Once I got my corbin and heli-bars on, the pegs just are too high up now on long rides. The corbin seems at least a couple inches lower than the stock seat.
  2. Hey seb.....I might be interested. Could you please pm me the details? Thanks! -higgin
  3. Higgin

    Tales Of Zumo

    Figures, I just get the 550 and start using it and a newer, better, cheaper model comes out - Damn-it :huh: Newer and better maybe, but cheaper........I don't think so, at least according to what I've read.... "The Garmin Zumo 660 is expected to ship in Q1 2009 for a pricey $799.99. " It does look like a nice unit though......but that is a LOT of money!
  4. Thanks for the link. That was before my time here on VFRD. I do really like the idea though. I was thinking about doing the mirrors with signals built in, but I like this idea better. I think I'll have to give it a try sometime soon. Unless I missed it in that link, i didn't see what kind of leds you used, or where they came from. Any extra info would be awesome! Thanks! And thanks for the mirror extenders, Lobster. I bought an extra set for my friends' 6th gen and put them on as a surprise. He is super happy with them, and so am I. Altho, being super happy with them when its icy and 0 dergrees out involves sitting on our bikes in the garage making VROOOM VROOOM sounds and being able to see the garage door and not my elbows. :lol: Nice product!
  5. Rivcyko, is it just me or an optical illusion, or are your extenders clear with a light in them? If so, thats a nice idea instead of mirrors with turnsignals..... :thumbsup:
  6. I remember seeing this bike for sale on ebay like 4 -5 months ago. I agree, the keyless start is cool, but I can't imagine it would come i nthat handy, except for the "cool" factor.
  7. Higgin


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