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    This is a custom map for a 2006 Euro (Australian delivery) VFR800 with the following mods: 98 ceramic coated headers Leo Vince Evo11 carbon mufflers with baffles in O2 sensors eliminated Flapper deactivated Snorkel removed Air funnels (velocity stacks) changed to 4 long from standard 2 short 2 long.
  2. In Australia, the police are able to detect if you have a radar detector. The fines for having a radar detector are very large, larger then most fines. If you have it hidden so they cannot find it, they can impound the vehicle to have it inspected.
  3. Good luck with the swap. How come you didn't just put the RC51 front end back on it?
  4. That is not it, that is car system that has been modified to fit I think. The MCM is made to suit your bike specifically. The only issue I had with fitting was the throttle cable. The cable adapter is well made, but tricky to set up I found. Wiring loom was well made.
  5. I have an 06 and there appears to be a few changes in the electrics compared to what I am seeing in this forum. R/R is mounted on the frame up the front of the bike, and the 30amp fuse has the same size cable coming into, and out of it. That is two things I have noticed so far.
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