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Non-Deluxe owners.... do you regret it?

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I like the idea of the Coffman, but would have to remove/grind off the old pipe hanger, on the passenger foot rest, to make it look like it was meant to be. The unused bolt hole would keep me awake at night.

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14 hours ago, VifferCrab said:


it’s loud.   Louder than my 6th gen dual Delkevic system.    It does come with a DB killer (baffle) which he removed and did not provide in the sale.    I’ll probably buy a replacement,  it’s $50,  so a non-issue.  

Sounds amazing,  don’t get me wrong.  Just a little louder than I prefer,  since I don’t want my neighbors to burn my house down.  

I’ll do a sound clip once I get myself settled with this thing. 

There are sound level meters on apps for smartphone to measure in dB's the relative loudness. 

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On 3/20/2021 at 8:31 AM, chutta said:

Thinking of changing out my SC Project slipon for the Coffman to expose more of the rear wheel and for all around looks. 

My one thought is that it is going to be insane loud. Like to hear your opinions

If you want to hear others opinions do you need to turn the machine off in order for them to be heard? Oh the irony! :tongue:

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