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Throttle Tamer - Cable Adjusters


Hi Everyone,


Newbie Here!


So I bought my VFR a few months ago and have ben frustrated by how quickly it gains speed after riding over a small bump while trying to maintain 30mph in town. I had a look round the web for a solution and came upon a discussion here for fitting a Throttle Tamer. It looked like the ideal solution, so I watched a couple of videos (of fitments to other bikes as I couldn't find one for the VFR1200). Looked a doddle. I think I read one chap struggled with cable slack when modding his bike - as in lack of it. Despite my bike being 10 years old, it only has 2500 miles on the clock, so the throttle is tight as a ducks preverbrial!


My question is this:


How much bodywork do I need to remove to get at the adjusters on the other end of the cable?


Any help will be gratefully received :)

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I can’t help with this as I don’t have a VFR 1200 (unfortunately) however I just googled service manuals for this bike and currently there is a free one online at www.moto4ru I would copy this fairly quickly as they sometimes get taken down pretty quickly. The manual will answer your question no doubt. Congrats on the new bike.

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Hi Guys,


Thanks for the link - I managed to find my way to that having posted the question the other day. Was a little frustrated by some of the photos being less than informative, but it was a freebie, so I'm not complaining.


So, all I needed to remove was the R/H cowl and Robert's your Auntie's live in lover! Interestingly I watched a video on how to remove the cowl, the guys last wors were "Dont let anyone tell you it's difficult" (or similar) which it absolutely wasn't. Getting it back on is a little more challenging! Lots of stuff to line up, tabs that have to slide into place precisely. Slackening the cables was a doddle, removing the original throttle tube and fitting the the G2 unit only took a couple of minutes. The new grips went on beautifully and feel an improvement just sat on the bike in the garage.


Looking forward to reporting on how effective the G2 UNIT IS.


Once again, thanks for your help and interest.

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