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Gen5 - Did my fuel pump just die?

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Do not--I repeat--DO NOT--ask Grum for help if you don't have a multimeter handy!    OK, maaaaybe a tire change, but still.

Great stuff yegvfrguy. Nothing like the sound of a VFR running again along with the joyous Wooopeee roar of accomplishment from its owner.......music to my ears. Cheers.   P.S. Enjoy

Surely that is a BORG multimeter, not a Fluke!

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1 hour ago, Kiwiwannafly said:

Grum - if you happen across a 2001 model VFR800 instrument flexi circuit board...putting my hand up.

Sorry m8 no can help. But keep your eyes on any motorcycle wreckers around you, you never know your luck, might get a full instrument panel cheaply.

Or you can carry out a much neater track repair on your original, it's not at the point of being scrap just yet!

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7 hours ago, Grum said:

Some serious attention required on that lot, what a bloody mess.  Either propper wire repair or new wire bypass, needs to be sorted ASAP.! Surely that's not your bike is it Kiwi.....?

Good luck with the repairs.

Fraid so Aussie man. My bikes electrons must be on steroids to smash thru corrosion and jump large gaps. Astounds me that it was running pretty sweetly up till now.

And for your visual pleasure...a previous view of the back of the instrumets


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