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VFR 60,000 Mi Maintenance Report

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I just recovered my VFR after extensive maintenance was performed. Wow does it feel smooth and fast after the service !

1)      Valve Clearances

2)      Replace Fork Oil

3)      Replace Rear Shock

After reading all the commentary on this forum and others about leaving the valves alone, I did just that. That strategy ( if it ain’t broke/don’t ask don’t tell) worked great for the first 60,000 mi of this VFR’s life. Then the top end started making ticking noises,not bad but enough to make me a bit paranoid.

6 Valves were out of spec and required replacement shims. Because the top end was ticking, new Cam Chain Tensioners (CCTs) were installed while everything was apart. I con-cured with my mechanic that it certainly couldn’t hurt to do CCTs.

The suspension maintenance was routine. I had the forks and shock upgraded with Jamie Daugherty components at the 18000 mi mark in 2018 so it was time to do a refresh. Replace the fork oil/seals and swap in another oem VFR Deluxe shock upgraded by Mr Daugherty.

I’m lucky to have a talented mechanical group to service my VFR (2TOPIA Cycles in Charlotte). They usually are working on Ducatis, Aprilias, and BMWs but, are willing to make an exception for my VFR. Shame on Honda for making valve inspection/adjustment such a tedious affair. Glad I’m not the one actually doing it !

With the exception of skipping VTEC Valve adjustment/inspection, I believe in regular maintenance.

Spectro 10w40 full synthetic every 4000 mi.

Oil filter changed every 8000 mi. OEM Honda.

A new airfilter (OEM) every 10000 Mi.

My VFR has never done a track day but, it does get ridden hard occasionally on the street.

I’m still planning to complete the “quest” with it.

Ride the lower 48.

Brag about having 100,000 mi  plus on the  Odometer !

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Thanks for the report, very valuable piece of information 

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