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2003 VFR 800 Introduction


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Hello everyone,


I’m new to the community and biker world, so I hope to learn a lot from you. Recently purchased a 2003 VFR 800 that I’m excited about with 22k miles on her. Rides beautiful for what I can tell, but I’m sure after much seat time I’ll learn and feel some deficiencies. 

For right now just a major over haul on maintenance and tune up, tires and a fresh paint job and enjoy the hell out of it. Anything you can think of to do some research about products for it I’d greatly appreciate it.


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Hi Tommy. Welcome to the forum, nice looking bike you have, my favourite colour.

Do you have any Service records from the previous owner? Do you have the Service Manual? If not you can download it from this site.

So, if it was mine and didn't know it's service history then.

Top Priority would be.


- Flush/Bleed Brake and Clutch Fluid. Check state of Brake Pads, recommend EBC HH's or OEM if replacing pads.

- Drain and replace engine Coolant, I've always used Honda Type2 long life pre mixed coolant, it's Silicate and Borate free designed for your engine. You can get it at any Honda Car Dealership.

- Engine oil and filter change( Never use oil filters like K&N with the spot weilded hex nut on top of the filter, they fail!)

- Check and clean or fit new OEM Air Filter. 

- Clean and check drive chain. Kerosene on a rag to clean works well, lube with good quality chain lube and check chain tension, never over tighten. You might still be on the original chain, possibly due for replacement.

- Check with a voltmeter on the battery, engine running, charging voltage should be approx 13.5 to 15v and not higher than 15.5v


Other than that Enjoy Your Ride.

Hopefully others will chime in and offer other things I may have overlooked.


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Congrats on your VFR and welcome to the forum!!  🙂 


I'm guessing your bike has been lowered, judging by the handlebar locations on the fork tubes.  Which would mean the rear was probably lowered, too.  I don't know if that's a good or bad thing for you, but even if you don't need it that low, this being your first bike you might be more comfortable flat-footing it at stops for now.  You can always raise it back up for more cornering clearance later if so desired.


Have fun, be safe, and keep the rubber side down!

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Welcome to the asylum. You obviously have great taste in mc's. And it's the fastest color.


Safe and twisty riding.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks everyone for the welcome. Bike has been riding well up till this past week. She cuts out on me couple times during a riding session. We dialed up the RPM's up to 1200 but she falls back to under 1000 and shuts off. Couple things bothered me on what was wrong, injectors, fuel pump, air filter and the main thing I'm thinking is the battery. I but some BJ44K in the tank (two small cap full) and my goodness did it ever blow out fumes. Right amount went in on a full tank, so I was wondering if they were that bad. After two full tanks the smell and smoke has went away. She still cuts out, so I'm going to swap out the battery to see if thats the problem. The way the previous owner had things wired up (USB power cable and alarm..I just didn't like how he did it). I post a picture shortly. Oil seems fine, but I m going to swap out the K/N filter it has on there with the OEM and some Motul oil to know its been changed myself. Air filter as well, but I can't seem to locate an OEM air filter. Plugs since the tank will be off as well. Hopefully these things will get me through for awhile, then I'll send it in to the shop for a complete over haul to get service records going on it. 


I also wet sanded and painted the bike, which I think looks awesome. Bike decals coming too. Thank you everyone for the tips in getting her running right!

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Did a little make over on her over last weekend. Last one is a video of it cutting off. You can see in one of the photos the wiring job 🤢. Last photo is how it cuts off on me. Hope to have everything good to go by the weekend.
















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