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Pirelli ST 6000 MI Report


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I just finished a 300 mi ride and the Pirelli STs that went on April 21,2020 now are over 6000 miles.

See that attached photos of the front and rear.

The front has wear bars visible but, it still feels pretty good.

The back...we’ll there are steel belts visible so that pretty much means they are done.

Note: The steel belts weren’t showing before I started that last ride.I’m not that crazy.

I’d rate these tires an A for performance and feel. An A+ for value...$215 for the set on Amazon .

Whoever mixed the compound for this set was spot on.

I know everyone raves about Angle GT and the Angel ST is the older generation.

I had previously enjoyed two consecutive sets of Metzeler Roadtec 1s. Also great but, about

$325 for a set.

Would I buy more Angle STs? Heck Yes. Especially at $215.

Mileage breakdown.

2.5% Gonzo 100+ mph foolishness

2.5% Slab/Interstate

25% Agressive Mountain/Technical Rides

70% Riding through the countryside at a 60-85% pace.

Air Pressure: Always checked before each ride for factory 36/42 cold psi.

I’ll take the bike in Tuesday to the shop and next some Metzeler Z6s are going on.

The VFR can do it all.



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Interesting evaluation. The front looks good for that mileage.  Thanks for sharing.    Am I getting it correct, you rode 6,000 miles in 6 weeks? 

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Here's my daily log for the rides on the STs


4/21/2020 22  From 2Topia. Air Pressure is wrong !!  
4/22/2020 281  Bedding in Pirelli STs  
4/24/2020 292  Hiddenite Hickory Taylorsville Perfect Temperature Angel STs rock !!  
4/26/2020 311  Morganton Old 18 Marion Ellenboro Great...until soaking rain at the end Pirellis Rock !!  
4/27/2020 230    
4/28/2020 340  Hwy 268 89 Danbury Pimento Cheese Sandwich at old country store outside Danbury delicious !! April 3123 Mi
5/1/2020 215    
5/2/2020 270  Oakboro Badin Wadesboro Perfect Temperature...  
5/3/2020 381  Bat Cave Rd Old Fort to Hwy 9 Marion Lake Lure River Rd  Enola Rd Morganton Excellent Weather  
5/4/2020 158    
5/6/2020 223  Taylorsville Wilkesboro Winston Spencer Salisbury  
5/7/2020 215    
5/9/2020 152    
5/10/2020 106    
5/12/2020 205  Albemarle Locust Ansonville Uwharrie  
5/14/2020 273  Tryon Columbus Saluda Grade Marion Polkton  
5/15/2020 213  Breaking in CL Pads  
5/16/2020 452  Elkin Preddys Store outside Danbury Squirrel Spur Road Sparta Wilkesboro perfect weather  
5/17/2020 310 J onas Ridge down 80 Elnola Rd Perfect Temperature  
5/22/2020 210  Oakboro Albemarle   
5/23/2020 275  Old 18 Valdese Catawba Excellent weather and avoided thunder storms. Slow ride to Davidson  
5/24/2020 162  Mt Pleasant Hwy 200 with Jamie and Tom  
5/25/2020 199  485 Loop around Charlotte  
5/26/2020 177  Hwy 200 Oakboro Locust  
5/30/2020 343  Rear Pirelli is showing steel belts May 4539 Mi
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I'd say the front was awesome all the way to the end. The rear might have started feeling a bit loose in some situations but, honestly


I knew the rear was closed to finished on the last two rides so I really didn't push it. This front/rear combo was awesome up


to 5000 mi.

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