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Intorduction and Power Commander / Auto Tune Questions

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First of all I'd like to introduce myself and my new (to me) 2007 RWB VFR800 Vtec. I bought the bike with just 20k miles on it, it wasnt cared for as much as I would have liked, but was very clean and it was a RWB VFR after allo (hard to pass up). So I immediately changed the oil w/ Mobil 1 10/40 (motorcycle specific), oil filter and air filter, bought a new front 2CT to match the rear (almost new), right afterward I changed:


Chain and Sprockets (stock gearing)


and rear brake pads

and did the PAIR Valve mod and the Flapper Mod.


Right now as it sits the only other modification to the power plant was the Delkevic slip-ons that came on the bike, I also found:


a nice used Sargent seat

a slightly defective solo cowl (had to epoxy the rear tab on)

new grips and bar ends (to replace the disco ones on the bike)

Some used Gen Mar bar risers

I dropped the rear with the Triangle mod (@ 19mm)

Front down 13mm (forks raised) (I plan to drop them back to 10mm)

set static sag at 38mm (1.5") both front and back, a little soft, but OK for now.


There are other small parts I added/upgraded along the way, but recently I installed a (used) Power Commander V and AT-200 Auto Tune, set a base map, am running 330 ohm resistors as O2 eliminators and hooked the Flapper back up. So this brings me to my questions, now I must say that I went through all 47 pages in this forum. digesting every topic I could, as well went through 130 pages of the other forum threads for the 6th gen bikes, and I'll add that the bike runs much better, as I can cruise around at 4000 rpms without bucking (with the exception of 6th gear) and the VTEC transition is much smoother.


I have downloaded a number of maps to compare, so thanks for the resource as well the maps available from Dynojet that were near my setup. I started with the M16-005-003 map from Dynojet (Staintune Sip-ons, stock air filter) for 2006-2009, and then made a spreadsheet with the favorite map (Coderighter) and compared the AFR tables from his individual gearing, I did notice that the Dynojet AFR tables are all identical for every map! and also figured they had one bike and just switched pipes and air cleaners, (the 2002-05 tunes are all a 2002, and the 2006-09 tunes are all a 2006)


So here are my questions (finally Heh!) 


1) the TP configuration, I accidently reset without looking at the 100% TP number, I really didnt like the idea fo pegging my throttle to set it, I did but was unclear on the non consistent results, I did notice that if I pegged the throttle with the engine off  (ignition and kill switch on) that it did register voltage. Can others who have configured this reply back with your numbers so I might compare, thanks in advance for that.


2) is there a Honda (stock) AFR table (from the Honda ECU) to compare to, I mean a table like Dynojets but for a showroom stock bike with no mods, I found that my bike wont even run if I leave the 0% TP fuel and AFR tables zero'd out in PC, I have entered an AFR of 13.5 for 1000-2000 rpms  and it starts and idles fine (perhaps a bit rich, though), I'm wondering if hooking the flapper back up is doing it, cutting off the airflow, acting as a choke, I've read that when the ECU sees 0.00 volts it determines that the O2's are faulty and reverts to a rich map, though that shouldnt happen dead cold. Auto Tune is running -10 to -16 in this range at idle.


The three areas I'm tuning for are Idle/off idle, Cruise (4000-5000) and the VTEC transition for the 2006+ VTEC (6000-7000), I am not going to use the speed or temp sensors for now, but I am going to install (temporary) a switch to turn Auto Tune on/off tho try not to map during deceleration.


Well thats as far as I've got, have put about 40 miles mapping (will need alot more) but more than that have taken some lovely rides down the coast and around the area to get used to the bike, its much heavier than I'm used to, and I though I rode for 20 years straight (alot of it exclusively) I have not ridden for the last 25 years, this is my first bike in all that time, coming from mostly Yamahas, RZ350's, and a FZR750RR, and a couple of 400/4's in the olden days :-) I'm now 57, so I dont have any ambition to ride that hard anymore and the VFR800 seems to have fit the bill, configuring the bike with more tour than sport, some two up, I think it will do nicely, and thanks for having me and letting me drone on.




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Hello and welcome to VFRD from across the pond!


Do post a picture of your bike; to "prove" u exist! 😎

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Welcome to the asylum apextech from The Land Of Interesting Weather. You obviously have fabulous taste in mc's.

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Welcome to you. You jumped in with both feet! Well done. 

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