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Used a booster box to jump my bike, next day went to start, Ignition wire start switch are toast... Help

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So I rode my bike into work and when I went to start her for ride home. Seemed like my battery was dead... no problem there’s a jump box... famous last words...


I get bike started and ride home about ten minutes. Park. Next day go to start bike. No power. Smh look down and notice my harness from ignition and start stop switch are melted and grounded out... uh o...  well it’s early spring and I had just put new tires on and recovered my saddle.... so I’m thinking I’ll band aid this and just re solder  ... pull everything off start soldering then decide, maybe cheap is not the way to go... So I order an aftermarket ignition (still being cheap... fu*%&$) And put it and a used switch back on.  


Nothing no power lights at all....  Look at main fuse looks ok. Look through ignition info that came with it, realized that this ignition works w vfr but not wired/connected as such...


unplug, finish soldering original toasty ignition. Plug in, Nothing...


Well that was last year... Fortunately I have another bike so I was able to ride at least part of the season... (on my bike I don’t have a new set of tires on :(. )



So my question is....



1.What might I have f’d up either by using a boost box to jump?

2. By shorting out with improperly wired aftermarket ignition

3. Other than main fuse any other fuses or electrical components I should test first?






Thanks for any insight. Much appreciated!



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More Questions?

What is the state of your Battery? Remove the battery charge it (if possible) and have it load tested, it may have developed an internal short.

Is your bikes wiring stock standard?

Have you confirmed that both A and B 30amp fuses are OK? These should have blown to protect the wiring of your ignition switch etc.

Do you have the Service Manual? It can be downloaded from the home page.

Unplug your Alternator output lead from the R/R (3 yellow wires) make sure there are NO short to ground. Your R/R may also be in a sorry state!

Your initial connection of the "Jump Box" was that correct polarity???? You may have cooked your charging system.

Good Luck - Sounds like you're going to need some!



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Thanks I really appreciate your input, yes I’m hoping for best but preparing for worst... This helps me with things to check... I’ll post when I get it sorted. 

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