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A Final Accounting

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Garden Of The Gods Pikes Peak

So I am mostly done, since it seems that this paint job is a never ending time of fixing drips, scratches, redoing messups and well there are plenty of mess ups to fix yet. However the bike is back together and running after a bout with not starting and replacing parts. So I figure I put about 120 man hours into it this winter here is the final accounting

  • Replaced fork oil
  • Replaced fork seals
  • Replaced wheels
  • Powdercoated wheels
  • Powdercoated rear swing arm
  • Replaced swing arm axle
  • Replaced all swing arm bearing bushings dust covers
  • Replaced chain sprockets
  • Replaced stator cover, the gasket, fixed oil leak
  • Rewired accessories moved all forward to make more underseat space
  • Fixed busted plastic plastic welded cracks and dedumbo the front signals
  • Replaced exentric hub bearings
  • Replaced wheel bearings dust covers
  • Rebuilt rear brake caliper new bolts, seals, bleeder bibs
  • Painted mirrors
  • Painted frame part of it
  • Painted plastics
  • Took tank to the bare metal and repainted
  • Replaced tank gaskets, vent hoses, fuel hoses, fuel filter
  • Rebuilt Ohlins shock
  • Powdercoated rearsets
  • Powdercoated pegs
  • Powdercoated passenger hangers and pegs
  • Rewired signals
  • Replaced dash lights with LEDs
  • Replaced fuel hoses cleaned and rebuilt thottle bodies and fuel rail new seals on injectors
  • Replaced exahust studs, replaced copper exhaust crush seals, new seals in the down pipes, drilling out broken studs was a bitch thank goodness for carbide drill bits taps!
  • Sanded and refinished stainless Staintune exaust muffler
  • Installed new rear cargo mount from Kanadian Ken the beefy version
  • Cleaned fuel system with seafoam treatment
  • Cleaned fuel injectors
  • Rebuilt seat latch mechanism new spring
  • Replaced ingition key system, helmet, and tank locks thanks Baileyrock for providing the parts
  • New tires
  • New red anodized wheel 85 degree vavle stems from Kurvy Girl
  • New st1300 tank pad (yet to install)
  • New vfrd graphics on the plastics
  • New bolts on the brake calipers
  • Powdercoated chain drive hub
  • New rubber drive chain dampers
  • New copper and steel spacers bushings all over
  • Replaced head cover gaskets
  • Valve check and shim swaps, sanded shims where I had to too for tight vavles
  • Replaced coolant hoses that cracked
  • Drilled and tapped leaky water pump drain hole
  • Replaced coolant
  • Painted mirrors
  • Installed SAE Mount for battery charger
  • Installed steering column powerlet and rear powerlet
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Wow....long list! Did you do the paint yourself? Did you really paint the mirrors twice?

Bike looks awesome...hard to believe the miles on it now!

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