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  1. I miss those day, I had the castle in my backyard when I was in Pueblo West, it was just under 100miles round trip from my house.
  2. Yep, I had a great time and yes your bike is a bit faster then mine, well for now anyway. I am looking at some 12.5:1 pistons now (kidding), anyway I did enjoy you bike very much, it is quite smooth and very fast when you get on it. Yea Honda is still making some very cool bikes and You and RedDog are fun to ride with since I can not find many fast guys down south. Anytime I can get up North I will glady join you and whoever. Mark
  3. Man I miss the castle run, I used to live very close and it was about an hour round trip to the castle and back. Oh well, like the vid and pix's. Thanks for reminding me of what I no longer can do Miguel. :)
  4. Millertm


    you gotta be kidding me, they let you take your luggage onto the track? Too cool.
  5. good write up as you always seem to do, sorry I missed it.
  6. Nice, how does it handle now. My Ohilns seem to want to bring up the front end more then the stock one did, did you notice this as well?
  7. Looks very clean. Great Job.
  8. Straight line only with Slammer, no way I can match his corner speed yet. I need another 80K or so miles on my bike to learn to lean like him. I was talking about how the stock Bandit 1250 is slower then a modded VFR. Once I added 30hp or so the B1250 is a beast (still not sportbike fast). Unfortunaly, it will not lean over like a VFR and it is a bet heavy in the corners. But it does have a strong motor and you are over 80lbs of torque at 2.2K rpms. Not a top end bike like the VFR but I could not afford a new VFR. Slammer is a good guy to ride with even though he hammers you in his blog
  9. Millertm


    Conti RA's 5200 miles
  10. Millertm


    Love that single sided swing arm. Also love the color. Mark
  11. Sounds like you had a good trip, to bad the weather and construction keep you slowed down. Hopefuly we can get some good ridding done this summer. Mark
  12. Millertm


    Looks like a nice ride, have you opened up the air box and increased the fuel yet? Makes a huge difference, these bikes are starved for air with a very restricted exhaust stock. However, love the hardcases.
  13. Millertm

    Colorado Mtn Passes

    Independence Pass/Bishops Castle/Misc
  14. Well I didnt follow my own advice, I was within 10 miles of Leadville, on a long strait section, construction zone too!@flibbyflabbinsherriffpatrollinzone I must admit that the Slamer has shown me a few things about how to ride, bumer that he was not watching his radar detecter
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