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  1. I was shocked to read this news, and just can say that Honda do not have the luck whit them whit their riders.... First McGuinness crash in in the NW200 practice at high speed on the new fireblade and now Nicky has a bicycle crash whit dramatic following. Hope he has better luck that cyclist Burry Stander! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burry_Stander
  2. Its a shame really, maybe the last years bike would be faster? It was last year plenty fast I recall, even more still the other year................
  3. They need to add the noise makers that kids use on their bicycles!
  4. Guess the typical Dutch weather did hit again First picture lovely!
  5. That´s a view I have to see live some day! I have 5 more years at least for a WSBK still
  6. Yes, Honda need more speed, seems its the green bikes that are the fastest now, Superbike or Supersport...........
  7. But you can still move your fingers and not shaking as you can take a picture, no problem then.
  8. Superpole whitin 30 minutes! I´m ready at the soffa
  9. Now that´s what I call a sports tuorer Have a nice race weekend! I will watch the race from the livingroom!
  10. The LeMans 24h motorcycle edition did take place from yesterday (saturday) 3pm local time (CET) to same time today. It was a record breaking race, best lap time ever, most laps in a 24h race as closest difference between first and second, Here some more of it: https://www.fimewc.com/a-record-breaking-edition/ result: https://www.fimewc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/24HMotos17_FinalRanking_Provisional.pdf winner bike: second third 4th 5th HRC team 11th after a disaster start, chain pop off!
  11. Duc tape a thick pillow on back of the SP
  12. Get the next best thing to a RT, a 1200 VFR.............. or if Brother still has the ST1100, borrow it.............. You will rigret selling the VF500, it made a big impression on you as you got your own after you did ride mine....that I had.....
  13. Great ride picture!
  14. If the SP is already almost a ST, who need s RT?
  15. Isn't "she" only 32? VFRD is about motorcycles, right... ;-)