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  1. 7 years old battery?

    Yuasa do quality batteries! Wifes old bike that I sold a few years back, after been sitting for 5-6 years had a Yuasa battery as we got the bike some 2-3 years erlier, and was not new even then. As I got the bike running before I did put it up for sale, I tought I had to get a new batter becorse the old one was flat and actually fluid level was to low, low enough the plates inside the battery was in the dry at the top. Eventually did add some water to the battery, and started the bike whit cabels as I had not had time to get a new battery. so as I had the bike running for a while, I noticed the battery did take charge, so did let it gharge whit a charger for a few days. So the bike actually sat for a week, did start great whit the same battery, then sat 1½ month before a buyer did turn up, and just tried if it would even turn ower whit that old Yuasa battery, man it turned the starter well and bike just fired up! Don´t know how long it lasted, as bike got sold, but I have been reading of a low milage CBR600 F1 Hurricane in UK that still had ist oem Yuasa battery in 2015! and still working!
  2. RC24 fever, "New" bike added to garage

    Well, sadly this bike has been sitting on in the back of my garage all year as I did just ride the Tenere this year.... Need to start to focus on it. The new tires I did mount last spring, so need to focus on the subframe, some touch up and try to get the faring inner panels sorted. Lets see what I can get time to do, Familly do abrorb a great ammount of time at moment....at least I hapen to find a nice right hand switch as I did got thro some old boxes this fall, looking for something else...
  3. RS850 Replica

    No sin to have a few FZ´s arround, I would like one to! Great looking bikes I think!
  4. 1986 Vfr Track Bike Out Of Parts

  5. 1986 Vfr Track Bike Out Of Parts

    Can´t agree more!
  6. 1986 VFR750 w/ 10K miles

  7. Well, considering you done 8k on the SP2, the Contis you have, have hold up great, as you have not change them? right? Always enjoy the ride pictures....
  8. I have a 94-> 16" CBR900RR front wheel (rim + discs), but never did try it during the time I had my 3rd gen, even it did cross my mind........
  9. RC24 Hindle photos? Yoshimura full system?

    Looks a bit like this exhaust: Different endcan thro HRC exhaust looks different:
  10. RS850 Replica

    Quite some project!!!
  11. 1997 Honda vfr 750

    Get more replays if post in the 4th gen section
  12. Migth be a lot of life left in them, but a new pad holds more calliper piston inside to prevent them sticking later A good move I think!
  13. 1986 Vfr Track Bike Out Of Parts

    So how do this lovely bike live today?
  14. But I recall Dutchy do run a 120/90-18 rear tire, so slightly larger OD than oem 110/90-18 Right Dutchy?