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  1. Migth be a lot of life left in them, but a new pad holds more calliper piston inside to prevent them sticking later A good move I think!
  2. 1986 Vfr Track Bike Out Of Parts

    So how do this lovely bike live today?
  3. But I recall Dutchy do run a 120/90-18 rear tire, so slightly larger OD than oem 110/90-18 Right Dutchy?
  4. Colorado Highway 92

    I did go to Black Canyon during my stay in June!
  5. A New Door Opens, A Vf500Fii

    Got a call from one that buogth this VF500 from the guy I did sell it to. Has plans to make it a Classic inspected one
  6. First day out this year! Not as warm as it looks, but still I did enjoy!
  7. Ok, I know this is not a dirt bike forum, but..... I was over to CO the last 2 weeks, sadly no VFRD members did I meet, nor ride a VFR, but did slam some dirt in the Grand Junction desert next to the airport whit my friend as his friend that came along for the first of the 2 rides I had I got to ride a 2014 RMZ450 mx:er, friend has a -03 Suzuki RM250 2 stroke and his pal had a -95 Honda CR500! Some pictures. And if you wanna know what´s it like to ride in the Grand Junction desert......a small tease.... Did nit ride the highest edge:st....you properly see why....
  8. Anything goes!

  9. IMG_2726.JPG

    From the album Anything goes!

    On top of a hill in Grand Junction Desert
  10. IMG_2718.JPG

    From the album Anything goes!

    On top at a hill in Grand Junction deseret
  11. IMG_2709.JPG

    From the album Anything goes!

    Frend on his RM250 in the Grand Junction desert
  12. 595e979f3beae_IMG_2754(2).JPG

    From the album Anything goes!

    My frend give the RMZ450 a hard time as he test it!
  13. From the album Anything goes!

    Me next to the borrowed Suzuki RMZ450, left a ride buddy whit a Honda CR500!
  14. "Fat Boy" Fuel Tank Mystery ('86 VFR)

    I have my -86 tank just light lifted on the bike, so could quit easy messure mine, quit easlly, have to make floor space....to many Project going on at one time... There is some small difference on the early 86 vs late as far as I know. The early onec had small heat covers on the mufflers/silensers of metal vires, as my -86 has them, but my former -87 had them not, and also the fastners for the farings from the frame at the rear are different. So as I recall my tank has a loose fit at the rear sideways, and I think its not the orginal one there now, so a messurment would be interessting to do and compare to yours. I be back as its done.......
  15. "Fat Boy" Fuel Tank Mystery ('86 VFR)

    Lets rethink the subframe as tank can be from a different bike they now where on, so a pre production it can be, or a X6 stuff? I know one that actually has a pre production VF1000F, and quite many things don't fit from a real production one, specifically engine parts. Its frame number is 00002 I recall