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  1. I FOUND ONE!!!

    Wow, looks great!
  2. wrapping a VFR

    You clearly know nothing about it, how many things have YOU wrapped? See my pics above, the bike looked perfect, even the stitch on the tank was invisible. I have physical evidence with photos to back it up, you just have anecdotal evidence and a desperate need to be right, for some weird reason. You can start anywhere on an object, you're laying the same amount of wrap down on the same surface, it's following the same contours. Just because you absolutely blow at it doesn't mean your thoughts (and they are just that, thoughts) are anything other than laughably ill informed.
  3. wrapping a VFR

    It's like anything, practice makes perfect. You just aren't that good...which is to be expected for anyone that's not done it repeatedly over a period of time. As you can see from my bike above, a perfect finish is easily achievable.
  4. wrapping a VFR

    1. Nonsense, absolute nonsense 2. Only partially true. You can start anywhere on anything. It looks better than paint, it has no orange peel, oxidisation, etc...you clearly haven't seen a really good wrap up close. Let's not forget that people can and have wrapped vehicles in chrome, gold, mirror type reflections....gross and not my style, but vinyl is, in most cases, better than paint.
  5. wrapping a VFR

    Anything and everything, except for obvious things like engine, downpipes etc. If it bolts to the bike and isn't subject to extreme heat...it can be wrapped. Bear in mind that shape variations can increase difficulty. I've since wrapped the little plastic bits on the 3rd gen side fairings, the fuse cover (and the alternative side)....You could even wrap a screen if you wanted to. It'll stick to anything really.
  6. wrapping a VFR

    Not at all, anything and everything on the bike can be wrapped, really. I've even wrapped the exhaust cans on my SV1000 in carbon - not an issue at all. Just make sure it's sparkly clean and that the vinyl will form to the belly pan as it is...so any paint missing from the lower front part of it might be represented in the shape of the vinyl, hope that makes sense!
  7. Bazzaz Early Dyno Results

    Open the throttle in 1st and 2nd, does it have a flat spot? If so, the limitation is there.
  8. Thermostat issue?

    I think there's a bit of exaggeration going on here. The VFR's ALL show a low needle rise, my 94 barely breaks an 8th in normal riding but hits half way on a summers day in stop start London traffic on my commute. To comfortably get at the thermostat, it's a carb off job along with a coolant replacement. I'd be very surprised if it's that and not just the normal behaviour of the engine temp indicator.
  9. wrapping a VFR

    You planning on only wrapping part of the bike?
  10. wrapping a VFR

    Sadly, I was a complete twonk and left the bike laid up as I had numerous issues with the carbs. Finally got that sorted...but by that point I'd spilled stuff on it while working on my other bike, left stuff resting on it...etc...and it just fecked it. I ended up selling it and putting together my current VFR750. But as you can see, the wrap made it look like a new bike and would have lasted many years if maintained properly. Words of advice: Be patient Prep everything by cleaning, cleaning come more, degreasing, degreasing some more and repeating those processes over and over until you're 100% sure every last inch is spotless Have a GOOD heat gun to hand, a hairdryer just won't cut it (you HAVE to heat the vinyl after application to help it set the stretch as it's default position) Have a second set of hands ready to lay down the wrap as flat as you can in the first application to each panel Have some super sharp scalpels to hand, remember you only need finger light pressure when using a scalpel to cut the vinyl...whether it's applied or not Buy more vinyl that you need. You can keep any excess as spares for reapplication if it peels or splits during use And again, be patient.
  11. wrapping a VFR

    Tank will need to be done in two parts, rest can be done in singular pieces. I had a friend wrap mine (it's what he did for a business at the time). Don't feck about, get 3M or Avery. The latter offers better air technology so you can squeeze out arrogant air bubbles. Here's some pics of it finished, the rear cowls were done in Carbon. How it started, standard white bike with home made decals on it - previous owners work. Paint and stickers looked shocking up close, trust me: Hours of prep by removing every last bit of grease, sticky stuff and dirt. Believe me when I say this is absolutely imperative. Fail to do this and the wrap WILL peel. [/url] Tank being wrapped. Attempt at a one piece wrap was hard..... ....So a second piece was laid on the lower half...you couldn't tell unless up close Rear cowls Front fender/mud guard Putting it all back together
  12. Lorne, nice! JZH...can't wait to see this. Been eyeing up 1200 forks on Ebay for a while so maybe you can share your clearance solving secrets :)