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  1. Does anyone in the san diego area change their own tires?

    should I run in on the 5 or the 15?
  2. Does anyone in the san diego area change their own tires?

    You're on, son!! gimmie an address already made an LA run today, why not
  3. I've got an advanced rider course I've gotta do for the navy and it's at 645 tomorrow morning. I've been trying since saturday to get them changed to no avail.....Is there anyone here with the tools that we can do these tires ourselves today? heh
  4. Thank you guys, to kick a dead horse. the tap tap tap got all the air out of my clutch line after I bled out all the old crap. wasn't paying attention when I was opening my DOT4 and it siphoned out the top tank and started sucking air down the line. I heard it and went "Oh for f@&# sakes!" and dumped some more fluid in the resevoir but it was too late. spongy and not there. spent an hour going squeeze squeeze squeeze tap tap tap squeeze squeeze squeeze and it finally worked itself out. whew!
  5. Pipe & chip?

    You can bet your ass I do. and my mini delkevic makes the front wheel noticiably lighter in first gear. I'll believe the 3 hp up top. it definately doesn't feel any different anywhere else though.
  6. Build your silencer... VFR800F 2014

    Since you own an RC79 I'd love you to try a V4 header with larger and smoother built primaries, no catalyst, and we'll see if it fits the 5th/6th gen? it could be a relatively hot seller given the potencial market? :)
  7. Tires!

    I have been having awesome luck consistantly out of (don't laugh) shinko's only dual compound tire. I've been on Michelin PP1, and PP3, (6th gen) the shinko raven (on my old Suzuki GSX650F), verge (GSX), Apex (GSX), the factory dunlops on the 8th, and now the shinko 2X (6th-8th) and honestly, I've a lot more confidence in the 016 Verge 2X. http://www.bikebandit.com/tires-tubes/motorcycle-tires/shinko-016-verge-2x-motorcycle-tire It was truely great on my 6th gen. Good enough I burned through 2 full sets after my PP3's vulcanized and turned to crap. And they're again fantastic on my 8th gen. The ravens truely are junk, the profiles are all wrong and the compound only has worthwhile grip when the sun isn't shining. hot pavement and they're grease as soon as you push them. The apex is a good profile and soft enough to rock and roll but they wear out real fast, and the tread just isn't that good in the wet. the verge has the right profile ala the apex but the compound is closer to the raven series and it falls on it's face when you push them just the same. the verge 2X however, is soft like the apex anywhere past a slab turn lean, and wears quite a bit longer than apex ever could. I think the biggest thing about the 2X on the street is even if they did give up the ghost, which they honestly don't. They're cheap enough that you could just slap some more rubber on the bike. instead of running a tire that's turned to crap on you just because it's super expensive and it's not physically worn out. That's my two cents on it, though.
  8. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    So where are you guys on this prototype?
  9. Exhaust too quiet

  10. Exhaust too quiet

    Cry me another tale of not wanting to spend 1/3 the money on a muffler that is absolutely not different at all than any other... because it what, looks spartan? As opposed to the stock godawful thing? You don't even own a 2014, let alone one with a new muffler on it? How about a walkaround of the delkevic setup? Looks spot on everywhere to ME. What do I know, I only just got an 8th gen and only just put on a Delkevic muffler, right? I say this because if I can't hear the engine at highway speeds it's harder for me to keep the bike stable speedwise. the 14" muffler you have to really pay attention on the highway or it's buried in wind noise. I actually want a mini series. The closer to open-header sound I can get, the better. Don't like it? well that's up to you. I was in fact a little sad that this engine sounds a little more nasal and a little less deep and truely angry like the 5th and 6th gen. I think it's the new header geometry.
  11. Exhaust too quiet

    http://delkevic.us/index.php?route=product/product&path=120015_120748_121473_121496&product_id=2707&Title=Mini+8"+Stainless+Steel+Round+Muffler+to+fit+VFR800F+Interceptor+(2014-2015)&SKU=KIT02AS pretty enough, with a baffle just in case your neighbors hate your motorbike. It exposes the rear wheel, and it's teensy enough that it unlocks just a bit more breath on the topend according to Delkevic's dyno figures.
  12. Delkevic Exhaust on my 8th Gen

    There is no difference in tune at all. It won't change anything significantly airflow wise in this case until you either have a nearly non-existant muffler or open header, because the catalyst creates it's own backpressure and restriction.
  13. 8th Gen (2014+) Service Manual

    seconded... :)
  14. it's more like my sanity check now that I've broken the engine in and done the first oil change. first gear can float the front for me, esp. with a more open exhaust layout, 1st gear will spit out the TC, I haven't had it lose it's shit over bumps yet, but the first gear chop to airborne front tire is a sure way to nope-town with TC on. Sad. but it's nice having it set to anti hoon as I've gotten plenty of tickets for such shenanigans. I can also attest that it is really nice in gravels. I can pin it and it spins up for about a quarter second then fully cuts out as if to say: "Baby no, what is you doin'?" Still yet I can't help but grin when I disable the TC altogether. I know I'm in for a treat.
  15. What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    Rotella T6 5 - 40 and purolator/bosch filters. I change just as soon as the engine gets a lil noisier than usual. usually 2500-3500 miles or so. Tranny is super smooth with it though. I only caught a few of the walmart supertech brand filters before they took those off the shelves, those were top secret top notch pieces.