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  1. May be time for a brake fluid flush and change...
  2. I've ridden in 102 degrees with humidity so high you'd swear you were drowning...
  3. Newbie Owner!!!

    Sure is a beautiful bike...
  4. Your Loading Thoughts/Advice

    Sorry, no video. He also used the winch to lower the bike down the ramp when unloading. It is doable, just make sure everything is secure...I'd hate to find out the hard way that my soft ties were not up to snuff
  5. Your Loading Thoughts/Advice

    I watched a guy load a Ducati Multistrada into the back of a big Ram 4X4 using a winch and soft ties around the forks His winch was mounted to the top of the front of the bed using some sort of quick release system of his own design. After the bike was loaded, he stashed the winch behind the seat in the cab. He used a folding ramp that was the width of the tailgate, and he walked the bike up rather than ride it. He said he'd done it many times with no issues...
  6. Newbie Owner!!!

    Change the brake fluid...mine tended to drag at about 2 years old, and service manual says change every 2 years
  7. MotoGP 2017 season talk SPOILER ALERT

    Great race by the Repsol brothers, and good to see Lorenzo seems to be adapting to the Ducati...
  8. Tyre/Tire Choice for 1200F

    +1...great all around tire for my mostly 2 up touring
  9. Spiegler LSL vs Heli bars

    The Helibars are easier to install. Less cable rerouting, less worry about windscreen and tank clearances. They work for many, providing just enough change in height and pullback. I noticed the difference, but didn't get the relief from upper back pain I was hoping for, so sold them and then went with the LSL bar. Every body is different, so only you will know if it will work for you, so give it a try. If it's not for you I'm sure you could recoup some of your $$ by selling them to someone else.,,
  10. MotoGP 2017 season talk SPOILER ALERT

    Great article...
  11. New bike - Brake problem

    I was having some issues with touchy and slow to release front brakes too. I had the dealer change the fluid and bleed them, and now they're perfect. I think the service manual says change every 2 years, so yours is probably overdue.
  12. I see Marquez taking another championship followed by Vinales. Rossi third, and either Lorenzo or Pedrosa fourth. It's hard to count out Crutchlow and Dovizioso either. I wouldn't be surprised to see Folger as the top rookie and see him getting a podium...
  13. Dunlop Roadsmart 3

    I ride the 1200 almost exclusively 2 up so I put PR4 GTs on. Same great performance characteristics with a stiffer sidewall. I've got about 7K on the pair and the front is less than half worn where the PR4 I originally had was showing cords on the front at 4K...
  14. New Member - New Questions

    No regrets on the LSL bars. You will have to re-route cables and lines, but no replacements are needed. It doesn't provide a dramatic difference than the Helibars, (I tried them first) but definitely higher and further back. I'd prefer even more, but the fairing and tank clearances are the limiting factors. Oh, and you may need shorty levers to get the most out of it.
  15. Origami with style

    That's pretty awesome! Their choice of manufacturer leaves something to be desired though...