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  1. M8, is your 2012 the upgraded model (ie not the original first release model)? Reason I ask is I'm still somewhat confused by the 1st/2nd gear restriction (and 3rd gear over here apparently); I don't know if the 2012+ models still have the gear restriction or not as I cannot feel any restriction on my 2014 model and as she runs really smoothly, I'd discounted getting the ECU re-flashed as not necessary. But if it makes such a difference as you say, and there is still a restriction in the lower gears, then maybe it's worth me reconsidering.
  2. Whilst I haven't tried opening the fuel cap or turning off the kill switch, the Crossrunner, which is exactly the same engine as the VFR800F/8th Gen, makes exactly this noise after switching off. Which suggests it is generic to the engine and nothing to worry about. However, I will try both of the above procedures and see what effect it has.
  3. I agree with Woody. If you want pillion/rider comms, there are plenty of solutions out there. Why try to look for such a questionable one? Unless we've not understood you properly. I have a Sena SMH-10 setup, using in-ear speakers rather than the in-helmet speakers. Mrs Skids & I can chat and we can listen to music or radio from our phones or take phone calls but the phones are not essential to chatting and I don't see why you would want to use them for that. If money is the issue, I think you're likely to find that you'll get what you pay for - decent quality sound inside a helmet on a motorcycle at speed is not easy to achieve cheaply.
  4. AFAIK, there are no Service Manuals published. Honda, at least in Europe, have moved to online manuals which can be viewed or printed but not downloaded, though there are ways around that. The online service costs (20 Euros for 24 hours) but if you use the time wisely, you can download print most things you'll need. Link here.
  5. Available for most European models post 2002. Not for download but can be printed (you can print to pdf or One Note if you get my meaning). There is a cost per session but if you do it right, you wont need to pay again. http://www.techinfo.honda-eu.com/home
  6. Well I'm running a rideout on 27 May if you want to come north of the river. RV is in Suffolk, ride to Hunstanton for fish & chips then back via our place for tea & cakes. You, and any other VFRD'ers would be more than welcome.
  7. JZH....thanks for what I assume was going to be an offer to help me tap into a switched live, however it's now sorted. The 800X went in for its 8k service yesterday so I took the wiring for my camera and asked the techie to splice it for me whilst the panels were off, which he duly did. Cheers.
  8. Looks nice. How does it sound? I'm seriously considering getting a DAM for my Crossrunner...I don't like the Akrapovic it came with and I know DAM sound good on VFRs.
  9. Crossrunner does exactly the same thing.
  10. Aye, we're up north of Hitchin.
  11. If you or your buddy would care to fly over to the UK and install that for me, I'd be ever so grateful. Sadly, I lack both the knowledge and talent to do something like that. I just want to power a camera from a switched supply.
  12. Indeed. In the meantime, I've gone and bought one of these, a Nextbase Ride. 1080p with 140 degree view, GPS logging and a deceleration sensor which protects the last section of footage. It's not small, but didn't cost very much off ebay and at least I have it NOW!
  13. Chill guys, I don't think there's any sour grapes here. It's all just our own opinions. However, that quote above from OVER A YEAR ago with them showing beta models and working towards production simply highlights to me that they've either been unlucky or mismanaged. They must know they had a head start on the opposition (why else did we agree to crowd fund) but they've kinda missed the boat now and it's likely the camera will be nothing significant when it does appear. Easy to sit on the outside and complain, but I do wonder whether they could have done better.
  14. Did they say why?
  15. I can solder, but this looks a lot easier, especially in a cramped space. And if it's a reliable connection....