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  1. Maybe he'd already lost a LOT of hp by the time he changed it. What BLS is saying is that we should be careful what we use as the indicator of when a chain has reached its end of life. I've always used run out of adjustment but I can see now that is incorrect. Trouble is, my Honda-fitted wear sticker is currently lying on the floor of my garage so how do I now tell when my chain needs replacing?
  2. Here. Probably Euro-model but probably mostly compatible with rest of world. Apologies if already posted elsewhere.
  3. Here. Probably Euro-model but mostly compatible with rest of world models.
  4. Here. Possibly Euro-models only but mostly compatible with rest of the world I'd imagine. Apologies if posted elsewhere.
  5. I have a Wilbers rear shock, new front internals, springs, 20mm MCT kit with modified cartridges. My upgrade cost around £1100, so much less than your budget and it's perfect for my needs; solo back roads/2-up back roads/2-up + luggage touring. Do you have a suspension specialist nearby or are you planning to fit & setup yourself? Luckily, MCT had upgraded several other 1200s prior to mine so were experienced with the model. Best of luck and let us know how you get on.
  6. Steel attachment plate fits as per your 2nd photo. Can't help with instructions though, sorry.
  7. Stu, I have one on the 800X if you want a chat. Out tonight but around all weekend. GPS, wifi, overwrites old files on a loop, crash detection, HD. Not stealthy but is very good, you've probably seen the footage on t'Snug.
  8. OP...have you considered the VFR1200X Crosstourer? Now available in the USA. Less power than the 1200F, the same torque but peak torque available lower down the rev range. Luggage is voluminous compared to the 1200F and the seating position is excellent for both touring and scratching. Only downsides I can see are the brakes and the suspension, but then the suspension on the 1200F needs some investment to make it more controllable when pushing it. Just a thought.
  9. Welcome to VFRD. You'll get all the advice you want (and some you don't ) on here with a LOT of good technical knowledge available. Do you have a service history with the bike? Things I guess you'll be interested in are: when was it last serviced, how old is the brake fluid, when were the Starter Valves last balanced? I see you are already onto the electrics, the weak point of the Fi & Vtec models. Seals & bearings will also need checking I'd suggest, plus chain & sprockets. How many miles has she done? Mine ran beautifully to 130,000miles before I retired her so with a little tlc, they last a long time. Best of luck with the new bike.
  10. Hi. I'd advise avoiding using miles or kilometres per gallon figures unless you specify whether it's US gallons (most likely given your location) or Imperial gallons as there is a significant difference. On my non-DCT 1200, I routinely get >16km/litre so unless you are caning it, it sounds as though the PC map was doing the bike no favours.
  11. I see Thurn Motorsports are now offering bar risers for the 1200F. Newsletter_VFR1200_SC63_2017.07.1_Superbike_Umbau.pdf
  12. Yup. I saw that when I downloaded it, after I asked my question. But thanks!
  13. Mod'ing the brakes as you suggest has been done; I think there are threads on here about it so a search should uncover those.
  14. Joe, can I ask where you got the Service Manual please and do you have a pic of the front page? Thanks.