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  1. London calling...

    I always go comprehensive rather than third party, fire & theft as my bikes aren't cheap to replace. If you are happy that your bike wont be replaced/remunerated, then go for the cheaper one. Best of luck with the bike. Let us know how you get on.
  2. Minus 1 (Degrees C)

    Yeah, but the likes of you and I are dinosaurs. I work in litres rather than gallons as fuel is dispensed in litres and the readouts on modern dashes are in litres too.
  3. Guhl ECU mod

    RC1237V thanks, it does help.
  4. Minus 1 (Degrees C)

    I use a combination of ACF50, painted on bolts/nuts & exposed corrodible spots with a cut-down paintbrush and FS365, which is sprayed on the engine and frame from the bottle. The latter may suit your requirements above.
  5. Minus 1 (Degrees C)

    Yeah, metric is fine but don't mess with my miles!
  6. My X, bought Oct 16 with 190 miles now has over 14k so on for a decent high mileage. Doubt she'll hit the 130k my '98 did though.
  7. Guhl ECU mod

    Marsman99, you get where I'm coming from. I am concerned about spending £300+ and getting a bit of a beast. My current 1200 is monstrous, as we are all aware but I am concerned that releasing the restriction may make it far less enjoyable to ride because it's so much harsher. Sounds like my concerns may be misplaced. Thanks all. Reason I am asking now is that winter is the perfect time for me to be without an ECU for a month or 2.
  8. Minus 1 (Degrees C)

    Proves my point!
  9. Minus 1 (Degrees C)

    Yes. Hovering around the 0°C mark on my commute this morning (that's 36°F to the colonials - metric is soooo much easier). I just wore a tee-shirt though....and my heated jacket.
  10. Guhl ECU mod

    Sorry m8, forgot the original models didn't have TC. IF I go ahead with this, I don't want to end up with a bike that doesn't retain the easy riding manners it currently has. Thanks for the reply.
  11. Guhl ECU mod

    A question for anyone riding a VFR1200F with Don Guhl's ECU mod removing the restrictions in 1st and 2nd (+ 3rd in the UK): With the removal of the restriction, does the TC kick in more often when accelerating away from low speed or a standstill or is it easy to manage on the throttle and not an issue? Thanks.
  12. London calling...

    To confirm JZH's point, you CAN tax the bike online once you have bought it (or before I guess). Worth looking at the website beforehand to familiarise yourself with the process. Link here. Us the reference number on the tear off V5/C the current owner gives you. However, if you are buying from a dealer then it all becomes a lot easier! Best of luck.
  13. All Activity

    I have this as my landing page.....unread. HTH.
  14. LED Indicators

    Mmm, you might as well ask me to do something I don't understand, cos I still don't know what those are or how to fit them. Try saying it slower.