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  1. OEM Honda Hand Protectors!?

    I have a set of Barkbusters on my VFR800X for colder weather riding. Don't know if they'll fit the 800F but I can't imagine why not as they're a "universal fit".
  2. Picture Thread

    It's the PR4 that has the harder wearing compound, not the PR3, so should last longer, if only marginally. The improvements over the PR3 are minor but I'll take that when emergency braking in the wet. Review here.
  3. Mounting plates are different for the 45litre and 31litre OEM boxes. I have one of each on my 2 bikes; the 45litre box mounts in a different fashion to the smaller one.
  4. Hmmm....maybe the UK model is different but I get distance to go to empty once approx. 30 miles remains in the tank. And I can also select miles/litre and miles/gallon on the dash as well as litres/100km & km/l - I would imagine the US model would have miles available too.
  5. The reason I wanted a white one:

    And tank? Welcome.
  6. This is what I did with mine when I fitted the DAM end can.
  7. Sorry, I was wrong. My outlet is not OEM but an Oxford Products one that I fitted.
  8. Although mine is the 800X, it should be the same underneath. I'll go take a pic in a moment after I've had my breakfast!
  9. Chain replacement question

    No, I don't believe so but someone may have tried it successfully.
  10. new member

    I drive my 800X (same engine) off the drive immediately from cold and there's nothing more than the usual "I don't really like being cold" VFR whinge. None of them are good from cold. You can warm them up if you wish, but I don't cos it doesn't bother me and I have over a mile at 20mph to do when she's cold!
  11. Veefer Madness

    And modest too! I'm beginning to hate you!
  12. The Honda VFR800X Crossrunner!