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  1. 6th Gen Refresh

    Just finished reading this thread from beginning to end. Great job and thanks for sharing your saga with the rest of us. Enjoy your (pretty much brand new, now) ride!
  2. Should I have buyers remorse?

    You've got a sharp, clean looking example there. You made a great choice. I actually prefer the manual fast idle because I can warm up the bike gently on cold days without having the automatic fast idle zoom the rpm up to 2k on a cold engine. Enjoy your new purchase!
  3. So the "break" lock "broke" ?
  4. What a fantastic looking bike. Thanks for showing it to us.
  5. Rearsets for 5th gen.?

    Sounds very reasonable. Count me in.
  6. Rearsets for 5th gen.?

    Thanks for the info. Of course the big question is price. Do you have a ballpark estimate for a pair of "raw" (no anodize, just bare metal) brackets?
  7. Rearsets for 5th gen.?

    Also interested but a bit bedazzled by all the bling in your earlier picture :) Could you clarify: am I correct that what you're talking about is a bolt on replacement for items 4/14 in the attached picture? Ie. a straight swap using existing cushion, bolts, etc.
  8. Lost the Love

    Funny you should mention the Miata. My wife has one and we sometimes pick a scenic destination and "meet for lunch". I take the viffer and she takes the Miata. But like you said, it's really more enjoyable when we both take the car together.
  9. Wow, even has the kickstand cover! Stunning bike.
  10. Whoosh noise then engine cuts out

    Maybe the fuel tank vent hose is partly crimped or blocked and you're hearing the air as the vacuum in the tank releases?
  11. Never buy a product that has the word "monkey" in its name.
  12. Parasitic Drain

    "Drop" testing will definitely cause a battery failure.
  13. Coolant one, the next no more

    The level in the reservoir may have dropped as air worked its way out of the system after your coolant change, due to insufficiently "burping". You might want to just refill the reservoir to the half way mark and then keep an eye on it for a few rides. If the level stabilizes, you're good to go.
  14. Recommended 600 mile break in

    Change the oil and filter yourself. Save receipts for warranty purposes. The only things that need a "check up" are the chain slack and tire pressures, which you should be doing periodically anyway.
  15. Tank Grips / Pads

    I had a set of stomp grips on my 600rr and they really chewed up my leathers at the knees. I switched to tech spec and like them much better. They provide just the right amount of grip and comfort.

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