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  1. And my Mom always told me that finding a whole cockroach in your food was a lot better than finding a half a cockroach! Thanks for sharing, Martina...I think??


    Hehe, your mom is a smart woman :) She knew what she was talking about ... and about sharing the story - I thought that nothing makes human happier than the unfortune of others ... :D


  2. I'm sorry NESBA bagged that track day. I was planning on making the short trip to the track to spectate that day and catch up with some of my buddies who race WERA. I also looked forward to meeting you as you and I traded a couple emails regarding the weather conditions around here before that weekend. I'm signed up for the May 5th NESBA day. I was just out in the garage putting some time in on my Hawk GT and VTR getting them both ready for the 5th. Right now it's snowing here in the south western PA area. Kind of a snow rain mix. More rain than snow but just cold enough to make me feel like NOT working on bikes.

    Yeah - NESBA bagged it but we all were ready - too pitty there were upto 3-4 inches of snow at some parts of the track. Plus the 23F temperatures were not very helpful - the tires were more like a rock than a sticky gum. I am sorry I did not contact you earlier - I was very thankful for all your emails, advice and help - unfortunately, I was left to Europe less than 48 hours after returning from BeaveRun and had no time even reply. Europe was exhausting but nice. I am finally back and finally catching up on old promises.

    Btw, I am planning on going to BeaveRun with STT on May 26th, 27th. How about you?


  3. That is some amazing display of visual memory!

    I could never do that, although I believe (used to before I've read this, anyway) that I always have a pretty good feel for where I am.

    About your ex-boyfriend...



    Thaks and NO COMMENT :rolleyes: Mellowyellow is probably right ... :idea3:

  4. So I thought it was just us guys who hate to ask others for directions. Welcome to the club. At least you found your mark whereas I would have wound up in Mississippi somewhere before giving up, going home and not telling a soul I got lost. :thumbsup:

    My ex-boyfriend use to come home 2-3 hours late sometimes. I never asked but then I found out that on those occasions he got lost in the small neighborhood we lived in and in order to find our house, he start driving through it like one would go through a maze ... try all the right turns, try all the left turns ... Not only that he would never ask for help, but he also could get lost in the movie theater on the way from the bathroom... Well, he is gay now - so I don't know if he still counts :)

    I do ask for directions sometimes (well, honestly I have a very good sense of direction and I do ask only in the most critical situations), but the problem was that I did not even remember where I want to go. Just the friends name :)

  5. kind of bleak. you should have at least stated an amount of years you wish to attain before your life goal is met. Your not suicidal are you??????? you can pm me and ill talk you out of it i have such great people skills :0 hmmmm wait. after talking to me you may want to advance your life goal.

    oh oh - I have usually 'sarcastic humor with a hint of morbid' but definitely not suicidal :-)) especially not 2 weeks prior track-weekend :-) ... But thanks for the offer :-)

  6. Dang! That's quite a night. Bummer about the two parking tickets, but good to hear that you're bike wasn't stolen. Sounds to me that the would-be-thieves saw the rash on your bike and decided that it wasn't worth the time. Or they had scanners and heard the call go out over the police dispatch. Who knows?

    I will try to beat the parking tix - they were written within 1 hour. But I think you are right that the rash on the side with bunch of duct tape put them off - or they were just couple of drunks fidgeting with a motorcycle.... I guess we will never know

    But I have to say, the police was impressive ... the undercover was perfect - looked like bunch of 20 year old drinking in the car :-) and they arrived amazingly fast! Did not expect that at all...

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