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  1. Well I just had the best ride of my motorcycling career this past weekend. I drove to New Hampshire International Speedway to watch a friend race in the super sport amateur class. I left on Saturday morning and the temperature was perfect, sunny skies and no problems with the bike. I went solo and keep it under 100. While on the ride I began to recall all the bikes I have had and some of their stories so I thought I would write them down. 1st bike was a 1972 Honda SL125, I guess you would call it an enduro of sorts, I look back and would say it was more of a street bike that you could ri
  2. Well it was 39 DegF this morning when I drove to work. Nice and cool. I went on my first purposeful Fall Ride. It was gorgeous.
  3. lukebin

    2006 Fall Route 109

    My Fall Ride to Jay Peak and back
  4. lukebin

    Rear Wheel Removal

    I forgot to mention that I had 23500 miles on the bike when I changed the rear tire.
  5. Tonight I removed my rear wheel. Tomorrow I have my new Dunlop D220 SportMAx mounted at a local dealership (LandAir). Some observations about the removal. The only difficulty was in the bolt that held the Arrow exhaust can to the rear pegs. The bolt has a captive nut in the Arrow canister and the nut is not supposed to turn but the square housing for the nut is a bit big and the nut rotated. So I stuck a pair of pliers into the housing to keep the nut from turn and then I was able to remove the bolt. With that I loosened the bolt for the exhaust can mount to the manifold and then wiggl
  6. lukebin

    Tire Purchase

    So I made my first tire purchase from Ron Ayers on Saturday morning (9/9). The order was entered on Monday (9/11) and it shipped on Wednesday (9/13) and FedEx should deliver it tomorrow (9/15). That is not bad. When I reviewed the shipping/fullfilment schedule that Ron Ayers put out it looked like it might take two weeks. I guess they just sand bag So I called Land Air this morning and they said I can get the tire installed on Saturday for $30. I bring in the rear tire. So I plan to take it off the bike at the lug nuts. Forgot to mention that I bought a Dunlop D220 Sportmax to match t
  7. lukebin

    Wdgah Trip Report

    Pat, I do have a 2001 Red VFR. I came down just for the day. I had the bike with the GIVI screen. I don't remember your bike, it is silver right? Christian
  8. lukebin

    Trip To Nhis

    Well I had a great weekend ride this past weekend. My friend Jeff and I rode down to NH on Saturday morning. We took the long way which ended up at about 4.25 hrs. We got off the beaten path for about 45 mins. The weather was fantastic. The morning started at 8am with the temp at 55degF. I got a chance to really ride with my new Speedmaster pants. They are so comfortable. I did also realize that I should have put on my taller Givi fairing. I did put on my cowl but no idea if that made a difference. The races where great. Our friend Kyle was in three races on Saturday. He didn't pla
  9. lukebin

    Oil Change

    Changed the oil today - 22886 miles.
  10. Well I made the Friday barbeque of the "We Don't Give a Hoot" WDGAH rally in Lyme,NH. It was my first real rally and I had a blast. I started by taking a half day and driving down to Lyme. I left work about 12:30pm and took a beautiful route down. I left work and went down Rt. 2A to Rt. 116 and picked up the Appalachin Gap (Rt. 17) adn took it to Rt. 100 south to I89. I rode hard and had some fun on the App Gap rode. I found the Gap Road to be very bumpy. I had some fun leaning in the corners. My knees were pretty tired. I then got on Rt. 100 which is beautiful and had some good twisties. When
  11. Well I finally was able to find a pair of leather riding pants. I picked up a pair of JR Speedmaster pants. They look good and hopefully I will have them by the end of the week in time for the races. On Saturday I am going hopefully with a couple of guys down to Laconia, NH to the Louden Race track to watch my friend Kyle race is some amateur races. Let's pray for good weather. Christian
  12. Heading down on Saturday to NHIS to watch my friend Kyle race. The weather looks good and it should be fun. Going hopefully with Jeff from work. Christian
  13. Here is what I bought for my first oil change : 15410-MM9-013, Oil Filter, $11.98+tax 08C35-A141L01, 1 Gallon of Honda GN4 Oil 10W40, $15.29+tax
  14. Last night I went for a great ride with Tom Bartlett. He came over to show me his new 2003 Valkeyrie. We went up for a short 45 min to the Lake Champlain Islands. It did give me a chance to try my new Alpinestar SMX-4 boots. They need to be broken in !!!! Anyway I rode on them today as well to work. Now I just need the pants. Christian
  15. Ok so I wanted to log the details of my purchase. I bought the bike from John King on Long Beach, NY on Long Island on June 11, 2006. I paid $3600. the bike had 20067 miles on it. John drove it from LI to New London,CT and I picked it up from him at the ferry peer in New London on June 19, 2006. This was the day of Carly's graduation from ICA. He changed the oil the night before, so let's say at 20000 miles. I have seen then bought a ICON tank bag $80, a pair of JR Speedmaster gloves $70, a JR Speedmaster jacket $270, a pair of leather chaps $50 and a pair of brand new Alpinestar S-MX-4
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