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  1. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of $100.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. 7 years old battery?

    I am a firm believer in YUASA BATTERIES! Yes, they cost nearly twice as much as the competition, but they really do last twice as long as well.
  3. 2010 bike won't start

    The MAIN FUSE is the cheapest and easiest possibility.
  4. Rip that sucker out! (And remove the cable to avoid an annoying status light on the dash) It will run and sound great without it, but passing noise/emissions mandates at inspection may prove difficult in some locales.
  5. Bike value help 1999 (USA)

    At least three mint condition 98-99's with under 25k miles have been available here locally in the past year for $2200-$2800. I almost purchased one but went with a VFR1200 instead. BTW, you'll love the 5th gen....absolutely beautiful machines.
  6. Bike value help 1999 (USA)

    $2200 or less (if you're a patient shopper).
  7. 6'1 250 Guy... Handle bar mods

    Don't get me wrong...I'm a porker at the moment, but at 250#, my physician (and hiking buddies) will tell you that all of my numbers are great--despite the waist size. There are plenty of 6'1 250ish guys around who are in quite good shape.
  8. 6'1 250 Guy... Handle bar mods

    BMI is essentially meaningless as it does not take skeletal structure or muscle mass into account. Like the OP, I am 6'1 and often hover around 250 lbs. Having three VFRs, I can say with certainty that both the engine and the suspension perform perfectly well for a rider of that size. I happen to prefer a more leaned-over riding position, but I have taller friends who swear by both heli-bars and lsl risers.
  9. Blue VFR

    The red ones are faster.
  10. Thanks, Skids! I found instructions for a similar (but not exact) model that should at least give me an idea of hardware placement. Still have found no instructions specific to the 08L73-MJM-D10 kit carrier bracket. The lock cylinders on the cases look like they'll be a barrel full o' monkeys as well!
  11. What is this mess?! Purchased the 45L top case with rear carrier base from HGB Motorcycles in the U.K. (very nice folks, decent prices) and I'm trying to install them now. Rear carrier itself was easy, but the base plate has a crap load of hardware/spacers etc and no instructions. I've searched high and low, but I cannot find anything online. Does anyone know where the instructions may be found, or does anyone have photos of theirs? Besides all of the hardware, my main question is which side is up on the steel attachment plate. (See attached photos) Thanks!
  12. GOPR2481

    FANTASTIC photo!
  13. Pipe/Exhaust advice

    I can't answer that...ceramic coating is not my area of expertise.
  14. Pipe/Exhaust advice

    Yes, the 98 and 99 are exact matches. I believe that I took them off at around 3.5K, and they sat in storage for the past 17 years until I sold them to John along with the bike this spring. He's a good guy....contact him and I'm sure you can work out the shipping details.
  15. Pipe/Exhaust advice

    There is a set of 5th gen headers for sale in the classifieds (Mr. John). They are in perfect condition with less than 5K miles on them (I know, because they are off of my former bike which I sold to him).

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