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  1. Mine is my key chain. So many good uses for a rubber . . . . . . band. If you get bored, no need to toss: stretch - launch - retrieve - repeat
  2. Great to see you post up. You missed a doozy. It'd be great to see you at any meet. No need to wait for (if) a SumSum5.
  3. The 2018 SumSum4 Ride icon (should) be in the ride icon gallery. For ease of use, attached here too. When placing in your signature, dbl click to edit it down to 85 x 85 pixels.
  4. Well, after 4 more days of riding, 2½ days off at the lake, I've finally arrived home and unpacked for the last time (this month). Incredible weather on the final leg today, with lingering smoke in the valley. Glad I chose the return route I did, as Hwy 97 was closed in one section due to fires. Once I get my files sorted, I'll see if I have any post worthy images, but hard to compare the great stuff shared by others. Note to self: assign a designated, camera happy person to cover the event in full (both family & NSFW)! Thanks again to everyone for the support of coming to and enjoying the event. Truly appreciate your kind words - it's a labour of love & there was lots of LOVE!
  5. I just got home and will be converting/ posting one up this weekend.
  6. There is no spoon. RE there is no FB account for me. I'll rely on peeking over the shoulders of others to check this out. Hoping your Yellowstone tour was better than our unintentional route tour. Rule 2: Never route through Yellowstone. Safe and exciting journey wishes to you.
  7. A gusty ride up from Warland to Helena with Jeff, Cora-lynn, Al & Craig. Nothing but beauty weather all the way. So good to hear a chime in that everyone (so far) is making it home safe. Hope I can access Tammy's FB photo album?
  8. It was an incredible event. Just a few highlights for now, with more to come once we're home. - Huge bow in respect to Fred & Lisa (huntinggunns & VcFR) for the rescue run. - To all the superior mechanically inclined Carvers, Qdawg VeeferCanuk and others, helping to perform 2 parking lot stator-ectomies, a chain relink & install plus several other tunes, tweaks and fittings. - OUTSTANDING hospitality from Don & Brenda the owners of the Rocket Motel (everyone needs to post 5******* on google & trip adviser for them) - The many helping hands to make the event such a smooth operation, best in 9 years. I'm sure a flood of pics will follow as everyone departed today.
  9. We'll either be out at the gazebo at the rocket, or across the street at the Brewpub. See ya'll tonight
  10. Smoking while riding, I warned him
  11. Stators go, I'm on my 3rd. No way to know or maintenance.
  12. Stators are notorious. Have you if ever, changed it in the last 25,000 miles?
  13. Auntie Emm and Uncle Ener. I told them to watch out for you and flip you the hoof
  14. We're leaving Preist River around 8 this am, headed through CdaLane, down the 97, then over the Lolo headed to Helena Mt for the night. We'll watch for ya.
  15. This just in . . . Should be good. Hitting the road Thurs AM and we'll see ya'll there next week. Happy Independence Day Boys & Girls!!!
  16. Careful where you're reaching out to. I'll see if I can add a few more meals to the Thursday dinner. There's always a beer to be found somewhere.
  17. Check post #1 in this thread and you should find them there. May even get a few more done for some real short, little area gem rides
  18. Minuteman Tour.gpx View File Minuteman Tour.gpx Submitter didit Submitted 06/23/18 Category Routes and Custom POI's  
  19. Finding Nemo.gpx View File Finding Nemo.gpx Submitter didit Submitted 06/23/18 Category Routes and Custom POI's  
  20. Devils Day.gpx View File Devils Day.gpx Submitter didit Submitted 06/23/18 Category Routes and Custom POI's  
  21. Also, reminder: Everyone who's registered should have received your name tags by now. Remember to bring these with you, as wearing them is your 'paid for meal ticket'. No ticky - No Laundy - No Eaty Those who were at SumSum 3 have the badge holders, so bring em. Otherwise, please bring something to wear/ show your name tag.
  22. I've attempted to load the day route options in .gpx file format as the GPS files. I'm not sure if I did it correctly, so editing is welcome. There are a few tricky roads that I had to adjust from the google maps/ printed version that I missed as being short, compact gravel roads. Please, take care to check your routes. I've done the best I can to avoid gravel and will ensure to double check before heading out. I'll have my PC and flash drives with me (along with cables) for anyone wishing to upload at the Rocket. T- 2 weeks & 3 days!!
  23. Version 1.0.0


    Finding Nemo.gpx
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