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  1. An Update. Rebuilt the master and slave cylinder. Was in the process of putting the slave cylinder back on, but couldn't get it back on because the rod was pushed out and couldn't get it pushed back in. Decided to drain the oil and crack open the clutch cover. Looked at a couple of the rings, but didn't know what I was looking at and had the replacement ones at my house and not where I was working on my motorcycle. I hadn't looked at the manual yet on replacing the clutch (replacing the clutch was going to be the second phase after the MC/SC), so I looked
  2. Alright. Got all of the parts in. Going to work on the motorcycle this weekend.
  3. Alright. Just ordered a MC and SC rebuild kit and also a Barnett Performance Products 303-35-20046 - Complete Clutch Kit. Will rebuild the MC and SC so I have a "known good" set and if I still have the issue, will replace the clutch with Barnett clutch kit. re: clutch lever feel, it's hard to tell. Thanks.
  4. No. Rather than rebuilding, I bought used parts off of ebay. I don't think so. No. Rather than rebuilding, I bought the clutch slave off of ebay. The interesting thing is after I replaced both the master, slave, and added fluid, the motorcycle was running fine for one of my weekly rides. ie. Saturday weekend 1. The next weekend I took the motorcycle out and that's when this issue popped up. ie. weekend 2. Saturday weekend 2 was fine, but Sunday weekend 2 was when the issue cropped up. Since it was working properly for weekend 1 and first day of
  5. Alright....An update. I looked at the clutch fluid and it was a bit high, so I removed some. Per the manual, I tuned the handle bars to the right, made sure the master cylinder was level, and with plastics and top on, I see an air bubble at the top of the level. I also checked the small hole in the master cylinder - as far as I could tell, it looked good. I stuck an ice pick in the hole to check. Motorcycle still has the same problem, maybe even a bit worse. Could a failing water pump have anything to do with it? It appears that my water pump has seen better days. See pict
  6. Plan on looking at this tomorrow - Saturday. Will let you all know what I find out. Thanks.
  7. Hey, Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look at the clutch and see what I can find out. Thanks.
  8. Hi all. I have a 2002 Honda VFR 800 non-ABS that I’m having problems with. After first gear, when I get on the throttle, the bike’s RPMs just increase without much increase in speed. See youtube video below. Do you all have any thoughts what might be wrong or what things I should look at? I had a couple things that I recently fixed on the bike, so not sure if these have something to do with the issue or not. I had a soft clutch and was unable to shift because I ran out of clutch fluid. I wasn’t sure if my clutch master cylind
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