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  1. Success! I got the motorcycle started and running last night. Still need to put everything back together, but now it at least runs. Resolution to my issue: My ECU was bad so I needed a new ECU. Even after replacing the ECU, the fuel pump wouldn't prime. I got a "new to me" fuel pump, tested it out and it primed, so now needed to get the fuel pump back in the gas tank. The metal around the lip of where the fuel pump goes into the gas tank is very thin and bends easily. I had two small bends that I used a small pair of pliers on in order to get the bend out. I used a new fuel pump gasket and put a bunch of sealant called "Seal-All" which acts as both a glue/sealant and is gas/oil resistant and applied it to both the gasket side of the fuel pump as well as the metal around the lip of where the fuel pump goes into the gas tank and around the bolts. I wanted to make sure the gas didn't leak out. Got the gas tank hooked up to the motorcycle, turned the ignition on, turned the switch on, heard the pump prime, pressed the start button and the engine fired right up. All I need to do now is get the bike put back together. Here's the sealant I used. https://www.amazon.com/Seal-All-380112-Contact-Adhesive-Sealant/dp/B008VK0JS4/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=seal-all&qid=1565196380&s=gateway&sr=8-3 Grum - thanks for your help in diagnosing/troubleshooting the issue(s)
  2. Alright. It's been 24 hours and there is no sign of gas leak around the fuel tank/fuel pump, so think I have the issue resolved. What I did: I noticed there was a bit of warping around the opening for the fuel pump on the gas tank. Used a pair of small pliers and carefully tried to level the two spots that were warped. Also, I bought this stuff called "Seal-All" which acts as glue and sealant and is not affected by gas, oil, alcohol, water, and most solvents. https://www.amazon.com/Seal-All-380112-Contact-Adhesive-Sealant/dp/B008VK0JS4/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=seal-all&qid=1565196380&s=gateway&sr=8-3 I used a new fuel pump gasket and used a bunch of the Seal-All around where the gasket meets the fuel pump and as well as around the lip of the opening where the fuel pump connects to the gas tank. I also tightened the bolts to 9 n/m, let the sealant set for 15 min and then tightened the bolts again. I let it set for 48 hours (24 is probably enough) and then tested to make sure gas wasn't leaking. Pretty happy with the Seal-All stuff.
  3. An update - tracked down where the hoses go. Got some different gasket sealant for the fuel pump. Going to look at it tomorrow and hopefully there will be no more leaks for the fuel pump so I can attach the gas tank to the motorcycle and hopefully at least get it started.
  4. Hi. So I don't know if I did it or if it was like that already, but there was a bit of warping. I took some pliers and removed the small bend. Used some different gasket sealant stuff. Tomorrow should know if my fix did the trick or not. Thanks for your response.
  5. hey - thanks for your response. Yah, I tightened the nuts in a crisscross pattern. Don't think the fuel lip was bent, but didn't look at it terribly closely. Going to give it one more try and then if still have issues, will take it to a motorcycle shop and hopefully they can get it fixed.
  6. Hi all. I’m trying to get my motorcycle back on the road (turns out I had a bad fuel pump and ECM) and got a replacement fuel pump but am having problems with gas leaking around the fuel pump seal. I got a brand new fuel pump gasket, applied gasket dressing/sealant (what I used - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007VIGCJW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1) to the gasket, torqued the fuel pump mounting nuts to 9 lbf/ft (as per the manual), let the sealant dry over-night, and came back the next morning and turned the gas tank over and fuel was leaking out around the seal of the fuel pump. I’m trying to figure out what I did wrong and/or what else I should try.
  7. Alright. An update. I put the new to me fuel pump in, but it was leaking around the gasket. Tried a few times and still no go. Ordered a new gasket today and also ordered some gasket sealant which was recommended by VFR folks when I did some googling on the forums. gasket sealant https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007VIGCJW/ref=ox_sc_act_title_4?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 When I was planning on hooking up the gas tank, one thing I was searching for was the air vent hose. I can't seem to find it. I have a short hose that I found, but it's not long enough, to reach. Does the hose disconnect in pieces? I'm wondering if maybe I only have the one piece and no the other. I tried looking in the Honda manual, but it wasn't terribly helpful. I found this picture online (see third to last picture) - so looks like I'm looking for a skinny gray hose. http://members.home.nl/jfknippels/tank_removal.html Is the hose all gray, or does it have a stripe on it? I have a grey hose with a stripe which is long enough, but I believe it a vacuum hose which goes to the air intake valve, and since I have the pair/snorkel/flapper mods done, for the mod the vacuum hose is left disconnected. ie. see this youtube video. https://youtu.be/6uH6rzhbNrc?t=193 Thanks.
  8. Hey Grum. New to me fuel pump has arrived, as a test, hooked it up to the fuel connector and heard the fuel pump prime. So it appears that my old fuel pump was bad. Goal for this weekend is to replace the fuel pump, get the bike started, and get everything put back together so I can go for a ride. Thanks for your help and troubleshooting steps/tips.
  9. Grum, Sounds like a plan. Once I get my bike stable again, I do have a PowerCommander V and electric tank bag I'd like to get working again. I have a fuse box (PowerHub2 - see URL with instructions below) I was planning on putting back in and it will require a switched 12v connection. Is there a better 12v I should tap into? The tail lights? http://files.twistedthrottle.com.s3.amazonaws.com/Installation Instructions/Denali/Instructions_ELC.00.30000_rev01.pdf
  10. alright. "new to me" fuel pump has been ordered. Should be here on Friday, so this weekend will hopefully be able to startup the VFR.
  11. Hi Grum. Made some good progress today. As I said in the first post, I bought a new ECU, because the motorcycle shop said that the ECU was probably bad. They swapped the ECU to the new one I bought and it still had a problem (at least according to them). For the fun of it, I decided to swap the ECU out for the other one I had, and the engine cut-off relay is now being energized and is now sending 12 volts to the fuel pump connector for the few seconds when the engine start switch is started. So I'm now getting 12v to the fuel pump. Whooo! Added some gas to the fuel tank, tried hooking up the fuel tank/fuel pump, and although pump was getting 12 volts, it still wasn't priming. Took off the fuel pump connector and applied 12 volts directly from the battery and still no go, so think I have a bad fuel pump as well - although the motorcycle shop said my fuel pump was good and I have the hour shop charge on my bill to prove it. So, looks like I need a new fuel pump. There's some cheap ones on ebay (ie. 20 bucks) but seems too cheap and not sure if it includes everything. ie. this one. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Replacement-Fuel-Pump-Kit-w-Filter-2002-2009-VFR800-VFR-800-Interceptor/111876828638?epid=1454541795&hash=item1a0c60edde:g:jRcAAOSwA~VaS79l:sc:USPSFirstClass!65203!US!-1 Looking at ordering one of these two fuel pumps which are less than 100 bucks, but want to double-check that it will be what I need. https://www.ebay.com/itm/02-09-2002-2009-HONDA-VFR-800-OEM-FUEL-PUMP-GAS-PUMP-GUARANTEED-VFR3/293125665723?hash=item443fa6b3bb:g:~eoAAOSwyNtdCjo6:sc:USPSPriorityFlatRateBox!65203!US!-1#viTabs_0 https://www.ebay.com/itm/02-03-04-05-06-07-08-09-HONDA-VFR800-INTERCEPTOR-FUEL-PUMP-GAS-PUMP/143191001836?hash=item2156d94aec:g:4tIAAOSwusdb~yBj#viTabs_0 The second link appears to be off of a 2007 vfr 800. Will that work for a 2002 vfr 800 non-ABS? Think the mystery is almost solved - hopefully a new fuel pump will solve this new problem and the bike will be back up and running. Appreciate all of your help.
  12. I do have a wire splice in my wiring harness - don't remember if it was something that I did or if it was there before I put it in, but it may have something to do with the FCR not energizing properly. Right now I have the end of this wire taped up and not connected to anything. https://youtu.be/3pBvbOUXJU4 I left the wire alone because I thought maybe it was a 12v line I tapped into to power one of my accessories (ie. PowerCommander) which the motorcycle shop removed in order to diagnose the issue. I need to do some more checking to see what wires are spliced together.
  13. Alright. All four of the videos links should work now. I forgot to hit "publish" on them. When I turn on the ignition on and engine switch on, I get the following voltages (see green). I'm not sure what all of the voltages should be. Should all 4 of the wires be 12v? When I have the ignition/engine switch on, on the FCR, I do hear a click, but I don't hear it then click off. I tried swapping out the relay from the high-beam (verified that the high-beam was working) and got the same issue.
  14. Hey, Just wanted to say thanks much for your reply. Please see my comments in purple below. Had a chance over the weekend to perform the tests you suggested and created some short video clips as well. Getting 12v to both wires. https://youtu.be/21LwXo_5_Xc [I incorrectly called it the engine cut-off relay instead of fuel cut-off relay] Fuel cut-off relay check – relay looks good. https://youtu.be/4LUIzmP166g Yes, I get continuity back to the battery from the green fuel pump wire. See video clip below. https://youtu.be/GWR6GUfCxRE The three grounds from the ECM (B1, B2, and B14) I was getting continuity back to the battery. B12, I was getting 12v when the Ignition switched to ON https://youtu.be/keiiLNqogh8 Appreciate your help. Next things to check? Bank angle sensor and engine stop relay? Thanks. Jason
  15. I have a 2002 red VFR 800 non-ABS, non-HISS (located in the United States). Have done the pair, flapper, and snorkel mods. Also have power commander V and a fuse box, but these items were removed to help troubleshoot motorcycle issue. Motorcycle died on me when I was going home. Tried starting it multiple times, and it had spark, but wasn’t hearing the fuel relay turn on when the bike is turned on. Took it to the motorcycle shop to get it fixed. They told me that my battery was shot and I needed a new battery. Got a new battery. They thought the bike not starting was the fuel pump at first, but then found that the starter relay switch was bad. They replaced the starter relay switch, but that didn’t fix the issue. The problem is that the bike isn’t getting 12 volts in order prime the fuel pump. They spent several hours diagnosing the issue, and then concluded that maybe I had a bad ECU. I bought a brand-new ECU off ebay, had it shipped to them, they installed it, and still the same issue. They went through all the steps listed below in the Honda service manual and were stumped. The moto shop said that 12 volts are being sent to the ECU, but then when it comes out of the ECU, it’s not getting the voltage that is needed. That’s why they suspected the ECU. They said that they checked the wiring and all the wires had continuity, but they said that the next stop would be to replace the 3 wiring harnesses. I had already spent enough money at the shop and they told me that the wires in the wiring harness were good, so I said, “no thanks” and picked up the broken bike from them and thought maybe I’d take a look at it. This is what the bike did and still is doing right now. Bike is in neutral and kickstand is up. When it comes to electronics, I don’t know much. I can check voltage, resistance, continuity, grounds, and can somewhat follow a wiring diagram. When I put a jumper wire between the pins on the service check plug, I just get the FI light staying on. I don’t get any error codes. The Honda Service manual doesn’t state what things to look at after looking at the ECU. So rather than re-doing the things they’ve already looked at, I’m looking for other suggestions. I do have a copy of the Honda Service Manual (electronic) as well as a Haynes manual (hard cover book) for the VFR. After doing some googling and searching on the VFR forums, I’ve found the following some folks talking about grounding issues. Ie. --big blue connector – potential ground issue. --yellow ground connector – potential ground issue --orange ground connector – potential ground issue I have few questions about the grounds (see end of this post). Besides grounds, and the other items in the Honda VFR repair manual the moto shop replaced and tested, what else should I be looking for? Big blue connector – have a green wire on one side of the connector, but not on the other. It appears that the recall changed the wiring, so that is why there is only one green wire and none on the other side. Do I still need to look at grounding this connector? Yellow connector – checked the grounds with a probe and the grounds looked ok, but need to take it a part. Orange connector – ie. (picture is from a fourm posting) Is this where the orange grounding block is? Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks.
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