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  2. That looks unbelieveably sweet! Two very enthusiastic thumbs up! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  3. When a bike rolls in with an itty bitty seat and a big horn in your face.... ROFL
  4. Happy Birthday, Sesand! :-)

  5. Three words... Dee Dee Deeee
  6. Can't wait to see how they look on the bike! :thumbsup:
  7. Hey Ken... I found you a rear combo light... . . . . . . . . . . . . . And, it comes with a LOT of other parts for ya too! :idea3: Seriously, though... I'll keep my eyes peeled for a light for ya...
  8. Thanks for all the wonderful info, guys! Your pics and instructions made this mod a real piece of cake! I ended up mounting my door opener inside the left fairing. It allowed for a short route, with plenty of mounting space (non-abs). :thumbsup: You're awesome! :thumbsup: Thank you! :goofy:
  9. Hey all..... No sweat on the hi-jack there Trav... :D I'm not a selfish post-whore and am always willing to share. I wish I had thought of the silver mylar BEFORE putting everything back together. :beer: (I think I'll end up leaving my signals as is.... for the time being.) Lovin' the clear on the matte black, ViperRon! FYI - I did remove the little amber reflectors... I know, I'm naughty. (((( giggle ))) It looks SOOOO silver sweet now! As for the bulbs, I chose to not alter the housing. The diameter of the bulb sockets are different, and I didn't want to start butchering the plastics. (Here's what I mean about the socket diameter: Anywho, I searched hi and lo around here for the dual filament amber bulb. Couldn't find it at all - NAPA, AutoZone, WalMart, CarQuest, Advance Auto, and various other locals. I ended up ordering the bulbs online from a company in Florida. I'm near Chicago and had them the next day - priority mail. (Their order page isn't secure, just give them payment info over the phone.) The bulbs are awesome ... they are silver and illuminate amber. Here's a link of the bulbs I found - scroll about halfway down until you see the SILVER SERIES - I ordered the Silver Bright Amber bulbs in single and dual filament bulbs. One pair was for the clear signals on the front and the other pair for the clear signals on the rear. (The front retained stock sockets and the rear changed to the '06+ version.) If you are interested in exact bulb numbers just PM me. I'll look it up when I get home tonight. Another option, guys, is something called a gel cap. I saw it in an auto parts store. It's a piece of plastic that you slide over the bulb that changes the color of it. They didn't have the amber in stock, but it might be something to look into. I'm lovin' the clear look guys!
  10. Guys, is this still a problem with the 6th gens? Is it something that I should still "bother" doing? My bike is pretty much nekked at the moment, and I could just get it over with now if that's the case. From the sounds of it, it does seem like something that I should do. :unsure: Also, does anyone plan on doing a "Boost your electrical system for dummies"? I can strip, crimp, run and heat shrink wires... and recently learned how to solder. I also know where the R/R, battery, and main 30amp fuse are located. Just a little unsure on where to find the rest. There's a lot of info in this thread; just trying to piece it all together since it's something I'm not completely sure on it's a bit of a challenge. I could just beg, whine and possibly bribe hubby to do it for me, but I really want to learn this. I'm not the kind of girl that can take to sitting by and watching somebody do it for me. C'mon guys, how about one nice little write up, complete with pics and a VFRD's not liable disclaimer? I love the tutorial's that HS does! :thumbsup:
  11. I am TOTALLY diggin' on the all black! Super fly! :thumbsup: Now, how about a black frame?
  12. Maybe a bit of duct tape on the outside seams too, for that added insurance. :rolleyes: I can't believe that I missed this topic a short while back. Awesome job guys! I can see where it would get very nerve-wracking cutting into the fairing. I know I would be nervous as all get up. They look great guys! Any idears on price, if any are left??
  13. I picked up the combo unit used (in new condition) from a VFRD member. Can't recall what I paid. I found the unit new from Service Honda for about $170 plus S/H. You'll need the new turn signal sockets, they run about $7 each from Service Honda. (Your brake light sockets will remain the same.) Hope this helped! Thanks again for all the great complements! :thumbsup:
  14. That is a BEAUTIFUL color! A nice summer ray of sunshine beaming off will surely put us all in a trance! :thumbsup:
  15. I did both the front and rear... I'm not done with the rear, as I'm needing some electrical connector assistance. The housing is installed, but the bike isn't all put back together. I'm going to start working on gutting my exhaust in the next coming week, so there's no sense in putting is all back together. (Especially since the forecast is pretty gloomy.) Here's a preview of the back cowl and tail light resting in place: Here's the "before" pic: I'll do a write up on the tail light assembly when I'm complete. :thumbsup:
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