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  1. check the Mother Of All Viscosity Charts found on this informative Website
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  3. 921 downloads

    Penske Racing Shocks 8900 Series Technical Manual
  4. thx1139


    forks, shocks, tuning, etc.
  5. Kewl. So this is modeled in AutoCAD? I thought the screen grabs looked like Mechanical Desktop. Nice work.
  6. I had so much fun at American Supercamp, I bought my own CRF100 and a grooving tool to make flattrack tires. Unfortunately now I got no place to ride it, so I still suck. This school is so close to my current location, I'll have no excuse not to be backing it like a Hayden. Or not. -but at least I'll have fun trying. Definitely gonna check Cornerspin out. :rolleyes: Thanks for the post!
  7. for those considering: Supercamp frequently has "Guest Instructors". When I went the guest was Chris Carr. By course end my sliding still sucked, but I got to ride with (er, got run over by) the 7-time AMA Flat Track Champion. -that's as good as staying at a Holiday Inn Express last night!
  8. Liked Supercamp so much, I made my own S'camp CRF100 replica. (FWIW: Supercamp puts a Dunlop 739 on the front, Dunlop GT501f Arrowmax with added handcut grooving in back .) I'm also curious where to ride Soichiro; I work not too far away from Concord. ...but I don't know anybody in NC :(
  9. 1729 downloads

    Honda NC30 shop manual circa 1990
  10. At 12.6v your battery is in a discharged state. There was nothing wrong with it at 13.2v Full charge = 13.0 to 13.2 volts according to the service manual: 02spec.jpg
  11. more fun facts: Hugh Laurie is not a real doctor, but he does play one on TV. However, he is actually a motorcycle enthusiast. That detail of the "House" character was written in to the storyline to take advantage of this. In real life he rides a Triumph. I thought it curious that the few times I saw that show, I thought Laurie had a subtle accent, but couldn't place what part of the country it might be from. Turns out he's not even from the american continent. He's been quoted saying the hardest part of the "House" role, is supressing his very heavy British accent.
  12. Heh; I have a 4th gen! Don't have to tell me about failure-prone Honda electrics. Yer preaching to the choir brotha! Amen! :beer: -and for what reason has Honda not yet adopted weather-resistant type connectors across the board? One can only wonder why a 10 year old Chevy Cavalier is full of sealed Packard WeatherPack type stuff; and yet Honda.... If reading 14.3 at the battery terminal gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, have at it. However, we're now seeing posts from people currently having no trouble, yet being scared to the verge of chopping up their harness to de-activate a significant feature of the electrical system. -without even knowing what the black monitor wire is for. When jumping the monitor wire pin of the R/R straight to the battery results in a big drop in V, what does that tell us? -that there is an unusually large differential between V in the charging circuit and what was being measured through the harness. You have proven this with the jumper wire. You did say you replaced everything except the harness... Bypassing the monitor circuit doesn't fix the problem, just treats a symptom. Elsewhere in the system we now have a low-voltage condition. (hope it's not at your ABS computer!) The footnoted link was good reading, if a bit heavy on conjecture. It should be noted that the "specialized" batteries mentioned, like Optima are commonly known now as AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat cells. At first AGMs were rolled in cylinders inside the battery, like a six-pack of big capacitors. However nowadays rectangularly stacked mats are commonplace as well, like WestCo. had to chuckle from the first footnote in that article: "Batteries: Current Designs", Mike Dale, Motor magazine, November 1985 heh. :D Peace; and Happy Motoring! :wheel:
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