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  1. Since havin a grandkid pop into our lives on a daily basis, we find that we are ready to take a couple weekends off, out of town for long distance ride or few 😜. Thought I would pin this as our start destination is Coeur d Alene, Idaho. I may also be starting work in Salem for a projected 3 year project, but more on that later.
  2. If you are looking at that listing, look at 'suggested similar items' there is an RC24 steerer and yoke that has the 2bolt lower. *edit : upon further inspection, and comparison, that lower may actually be from the XL250!!! Lol
  3. DUNLOP ROADSMART III TIRE SET 120/70-17 180/55-17 FRONT AND REAR - 2 TIRES capitolcycle (10964 ) 99.8% positive feedback $250.78Free Shipping I have these tires on everything but the track bike. Love 'em and at that price it's a steal.
  4. When i do open heart surgery on Shaniqua(big ghetto booty)i will post pics(that'll be a biggie) I've done everything but adjust the valves to her to keep her going over the years.
  5. I actually have spares, new valve seals & valves, rings, carb rebuild kits engine gaskets… everything to do the work. It’s coming. I just haven’t committed the time. Lol
  6. I checked my original 1990 vfr valves @ 15k. I never went back in. Now at 242,000 miles, I’m thinkin about checking them again
  7. Purchased yet another 1990 Vfr a couple years ago (it was in the back of an automotive shop) I finally got it shipped here before Christmas this year, and am going through it. The brakes, front and rear were drained, clutch drained, fuel drained, antifreeze drained, oil drained. Bled everything with new fluids, went to start it and i lol, the floats are stuck, fuel everywhere.🤦🏻‍♂️ Back at it tomorrow😇
  8. As I am A Dunlop user through and through, burn ‘em (don’t push them) up till you have money to buy the combo sets of sportmax roadsmarts. 2’s , 3’s… it doesn’t matter. They are THE BEST tires I’ve used. Long term road use at high speeds. Or low speeds. Cool weather, warm, and wet… I consistantly get 11k out of a set. Thats bagged up, tank, seat, sides, and pillion as well. They seem to handle, or are manufactured, for our heavier sport touring rides. I like to ‘feel confident’ about hard riding, and these tires make that possible.
  9. Where are your pictures.??? CLEAN YER GARAGE Damn it MERVY <yup CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEARZ!! <yup again 🔥
  10. … Or you could just sell me your bike and I’ll put it next to the others here. No doubt you saw the ones from moto cnc on ebay if you’re talking about caps. I have never seen the caps 🌊
  11. Lol they literally go beneath your current clipons. Unbolt, remove, place these stud side down, in your top triple, plop your clip ons down onto them, tighten clip ons. 10 maybe 20 minutes? Not quite an inch. Possibly 22-ish mm
  12. Pm’d i finally found the risers. They are 1”
  13. P.m. me so its in my revolving door. 😉
  14. You are looking for bar risers? You're sick 😜 i think i still have a set somewhere. Give me a couple days to hunt.
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