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  1. Ah, there is still plenty left. Foot still is off the ground. Pretty much just on some sticky street tires. BADVFR i know i replied to your pm... I found my notes from that day... BT003 RS... Set to 29r/30f cold. The rear was shot on the left side by the end of the day. Had to flip it for day two. Probably could/should have set it to 30 or 31 rear... and possibly 32f Cool mornings had me holding off on the increase in pressure.
  2. kwr8728


  3. kwr8728


    jennings gp
  4. Highly reccomend for any repairs, Maintnance or valve checks..

  5. Hmm, i don't know about a mountain, but i sure do see a valley! Gotta love those Jawja Girls! Nice write up HS. Good to see ya again!
  6. Hmm, the top of my favorite run!
  7. kwr8728

    I Am Back !

    Welcome back! Glad you found your way so to speak.
  8. Great write up. My VFR is loaded in the trailer right now. My first track day is sunday at Jennings GP. Should be fun!
  9. Tisk tisk, you have had that thing how long now? And you ONLY got 3300 miles on it. Dang, i have done that in the last Month! HAHAH, just giving you a hard time. Sounds like you really need to consult with tinyminds on how to get out of a ticket! LOL, some of the best BSing i have ever seen... He had us so stunned we where laughing in our helmets.
  10. Awesome!!! Thanks bro You wouldn't already have that in a Garmin file would you If not, no big deal, I can plot it... just thought I would ask. Umm, no, but i can, along with all the other routes i used to take up there. Another one you can do after you get comfortable there is the Burnt/Fort mtn loop. I have done it in a weekday summer afternoon too. I'll see about getting them to ya!
  11. Hwy 108 is the road Take hwy 20 towards catersville. 108 is a few miles past Knox Bridge (etowah river/lake allatoona) on the right. It goes for 9 miles to Waleska. The road is just past a volunteer fire station that is also on the right. FYI that road continues over to 515 just north of where 575 ends. It is the first traffic light you come to on 515 going north. There are plenty of fun roads up in that area. They make great afternoon rides after work, or with your girls if they ever feel up to riding! Map of ride It is in reverse of the way we rode it. But it has 108, 140, and salacoa rd (that was the small two lane road through the valley)
  12. Hey now! :rolleyes: Looking good! So how many miles do you have on it? Oh and get some twisty practice, jason and i are headed that way labor day weekend!
  13. overcompensating...nah! Just getting reacquainted with the ol gal! Looks like much fun! One day i shall get out there!
  14. Will, the thing looks great!
  15. will, now we just need to get out one afternoon and work those new powers in properly! I have a loop that we can do! Not that i need an excuse to ride or anything.... HINT HINT
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