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  1. I bought some knurled handwheels from Ebay. Check you get the right bolt size, obviously. I think Gen 5 uses an M6 bolt. https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Male-M10-X-30mm-Thread-Soft-Touch-5-Lobed-60mm-Polypropylene-Hand-Wheel-Knob/524955930
  2. Yep. My other bike is a metric cruiser and I fitted a Kuryakin Hypercharger to it. It Dyno'd fine but wouldn't run properly on the road and bogged horribly above 60mph until we took an air bleed from the back of the airbox to the top of the float bowl...
  3. Fixed my cheapo screen extender which had lost one of the locking pins by copying the remaining one and 3D printing another. Rather pleased with that...
  4. Cured a grating front disc by freeing off the bobbins with a power drill and brake cleaner, went for a stunning ride in the sun, then replaced the chain guard, cleaned out all the crap from the chain guide and replace the rusted bolts from the brake hose clamps on the chain guard. Finally cleaned up the swingarm and treated all the chainguard to a coat of plastic dressing so it's lovely and black and shiny again.
  5. I'm sure you're both right. As it simply velcros in place, it can't hurt, can it? What about pipe wrapping the headers, too, to keep the heat in the pipe?
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