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  1. Ouch - keep us posted, this is actually my next planned mod... I know they will say, it would have been much worse without, but if no real advantage to having them, not sure if I will still buy. On another note - I actually saw a guy back into, knock down, and then drive partially up the side of a bike outside a burger joint. I pulled out my phone and recorded him lifting it back up and he got to the exit before I stepped in front and told him it was all on camera. He said he was just going to go to the back of the restaurant, but this guy was bailing had I not caught him. :)
  2. I changed out the front sprocket for a bit more torque, so anything over 110mph the buzziness is like straddling a hornets nest... @gator - that's the hard top, heard the convertible will do a bit more than 155! :)
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