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  1. 2000 VFR800 LCD Problem

    Did some DiY on the old LCD unit. Seems like water damage. The glass of the lcd is very sharp at the edge and it deep cut my finger. the bottom polarization film is busted and i am planning to use film from a samsung phone. Lets see how it works. I was expecting the top film to be bad but that was absolutely fine.
  2. 2000 VFR800 LCD Problem

    Hahaha yes , it did gain a few miles but for good. Odo reading does not really matter here in India
  3. 2000 VFR800 LCD Problem

    Thanks a lot John. Speedo sorted for life.
  4. 2000 VFR800 LCD Problem

    Okay gents, after a lot of scratching google b@lls , found out what this thing is. its a speedo calibrator from Yellr. This device is called the Yellow Box V3 http://yellr.com/yb_inst.htm
  5. 2000 VFR800 LCD Problem

    Thanks a lot John for the LCD, really appreciate your help. To clear the confusion the speedo sensor thing, last time my VFR threw an error code for the speed sensor after which i cleaned it and reinstalled. Worked fine there after but i ordered a used sensor for bad times and the used one came with this adapter kind of thing. I did not knew what this extra attachment was until i received the sensor today. Here is the clear pic of the adapter and I still dont have any idea what this thing is. Can you pls help identifying what this thing is. There are no stickers nothing no brand name on this black box.
  6. Honda VFR800 2017 Spare Key ? cost after market

    These immobilizer keys are very cheap if you get the ID46 transponders separately and blanks keys separate. 10pcs chips n 10pcs keys shouldnot cost more than $20. And programming is free as you do it urself. Thanks to the chinese at our help these bits cost peanuts.
  7. 2000 VFR800 LCD Problem

    Dear John, I have sent you a PM , can you pls help on that.
  8. 2000 VFR800 LCD Problem

    Thanks a ton John , really appreciate your kind help.
  9. 2000 VFR800 LCD Problem

    Dear John and other members, can you pls help me checking the attached photo and tell me what kind of device has been spliced to the speedo sensor.
  10. 2000 VFR800 LCD Problem

    PM sent , please have a look. I would be interested in the LCD unit.
  11. 2000 VFR800 LCD Problem

    My VFR800 is a JDM spec which means it was designed to be locked at 180KMPH . Original speedo was 180kmph which was replaced with an US spec speedo MPH which removes fhe restriction on the clocks. On the other hand, there is an Blue orange wire running from the ecm which is being cut to remove the ectronic restriction from tbe ECM. So according to you this LCD is repairable? How did your chinese friend fix this issue?
  12. 2000 VFR800 LCD Problem

    Dear Members, Need your help with fixing the LCD issues on my viffer. Here is a pic of the display unit. Please advice if this is fixable. I replaced the illumination bulbs of the unit with LED bulbs. Issue here is the LCD itself.

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