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  1. yogisays09

    Cheaper gear indicator option for the VFR800

    Yes looks like its not mentioned in there, but i fairly remember ready in some instructions where you can run both of them together. to me this is how the wiring will need to be done , have a look the hand made diagram. Ignore the bad hand writing please.
  2. yogisays09

    Cheaper gear indicator option for the VFR800

    yes you can install both together, you will have to follow the Healtechs X type installation instructions. https://www.healtech-electronics.com/docs/GPXT_UsersGuide_en.pdf Download the healtech X type gear indicator manual. it has all the installation information need https://www.healtech-electronics.com/docs/GPXT_UsersGuide_en.pdf
  3. yogisays09

    Cheaper gear indicator option for the VFR800

    Installed and it works great
  4. yogisays09

    Dynojet Autotune repair. Burnt Diode S1G

    Nothing is missing on R19, it was blank. Pads are virgin on all the blank plots. Yes i learnt what a diode it and before removing the old ones i noted down the direction in which it was placed. I have tried and tested the module several times and on 2 different bikes as well, it doesn't work. Have no other choice and have to throw this unit. Without the circuit diagram it is not possibel to proceed.
  5. yogisays09

    Dynojet Autotune repair. Burnt Diode S1G

    Finally decoded the Diode 🤗 ]:: 349 = Made in 49th Week of 2013 S1G is the type of the diode.
  6. yogisays09

    Dynojet Autotune repair. Burnt Diode S1G

    Looking at this pic i can see 4 legs (4 golden pads) which can be the connectors to connect this module to the computer using USB2 but not sure.
  7. yogisays09

    Dynojet Autotune repair. Burnt Diode S1G

    Here you go , some more pics of the module. Removed the unit from the bike and will search for a S1G diode rectifier and retry. Meanwhile no positive reply from Dynojet. They wont share the circuit diagram I am sure.
  8. yogisays09

    Dynojet Autotune repair. Burnt Diode S1G

    Thanks a ton MadScientist for the reply . I used this method to remove the old diode " The other method I use is to melt a tiny amount of solder onto the pads, place the component on top and hold it in place as I re-melt the solder on the pads. " and jumped the pads with a wire. UNFORTUNATELY the unit is not functioning as it should, its flashing green light and AFR reads as 9.99. My CBR1000 also has an Autotune which flashes red light upon start up and not green. I have emailed DJ again with another name and email just to see what they reply. By the way i am installing this on my 2011 GSF1250 bandit.
  9. yogisays09

    Dynojet Autotune repair. Burnt Diode S1G

    Success at step 1 achieved. there i a similar diode on the back side of the board and upon checking the continuity on the meter it as a direct 1:1 connection and following laymans proceedure i removed the busted diode from the board and jumped the 2 points with a very thin wire element and to my surprise the unit came back to life on bench testing. Will be installing it to on the bike and do a live test.
  10. Dear tech Gurus I bought an used Autotune module but the unit never turned on. out of curiosity i disassembled the entire unit and this is what i found on the board. I tried to contact DJ but they were unable to help. my google skills explains me that the burnt component is a diode. Currently I tried t power the unit with a 9V adapter (9.62V on multimeter) and tested the output at the burnt diode which was 2.64Volts. I gave direct 9.6V to the output side of the diode still the unit did not turn up. techies pls help to bring my autotune back to life.
  11. yogisays09

    5th gen "coil on plug" setup.

    Denso part number means like this ? 129700-5370
  12. Here is the link for the gear indicator for the 5th Gen. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Gear-Indicato-For-Honda-Hornet-CB400-CB600F-CB650F-CB500X-VFR800-SHADOW-750-Ecu-Plug-Mount-Speed/3674012_32885649671.html?spm=2114.12010615.8148356.35.1f3c3db2QjUMlw Looks like replica of the Healtech X Type , so the wiring would be the same , the male female plugs in tho speedo sensor which is on the sprocket cover. and the single wire green one taken signal from the ECM RPM wire. which is A18 yellow wire with green trace.

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