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  1. adprom

    Grips issue

    Yes, I have had this, particularly the end of the left grip that started after only a few thousand kilometres. Honda Australia refused tor recognise the problem. I am now reopening a case with them knowing that Internationally, the warranty was honoured.
  2. adprom

    Melb - Canberra and back

    The GPS is an old tomtom one that I have in a waterproof case. The quickshifter I got through Webike for about $170US inc shipping and fitted myself. Shits and giggles factor is good with it and it does make shifting a bit easier.
  3. adprom

    Melb - Canberra and back

    I don't subscribe to ATGATT - I will wear what I feel is appropriate for the trip and conditions, generally ride at the speed I like (80% of those roads are nigh on unpoliceable for speed anyway) and don't believe in the vision zero. The 'speed kills' mantra isn't just wrong, it is dangerous as it detracts from the real causes of accidents. Victoria has had no discernible decrease in road trauma over the last ten years attributable to policy (particularly speed enforcement). Any decreases have been in line with the adoption of modern technology in line with seen elsewhere in the world. In short, don't believe the propaganda. Most of that trip was not done at the posted limit.
  4. adprom

    Melb - Canberra and back

    At least the point to point is only for the first 50km or so at the melbourne end. FYI - for those not aware of point to point cameras - they average your speed over a long distance (10-30km) and issue a fine if your average speed is above. Here in victoria, the tolerance for speed cameras is 2kph. So at 100kph, you can be fined about $160 if you are doing more than 3 over.
  5. adprom

    Melb - Canberra and back

    Yesterday was time to come home, and as happens a couple of photos happened to be taken on the way. Seemed like a good excuse to take more photos of the VFR more than anything. If you happened to be in an office working yesterday in this region of Aus, this is what was missed out on. For those not from here, this is in the dead middle of Autumn (fall) with temps mid to high 20s (celsius - 77-85 in the ancient scale) This time, was back through the Snowy mountains again but slightly different route. The south way via Jindabyne and Thredbo through to Corryong, across to Wodonga followed by a little Hume (reasons becoming apparent later) and back via Yea and the Maroondah hwy. An absolutely cracking day the whole way down and the beach at Jindabyne was no exception. Followed by some mountains. And some water. Then someone appeared to have built a town in the mountains. Followed by some more mountainry. Then the roads got twisty. Just to odd 4wd grey nomad floating about about 40kph below the speed limit. Road was quite good. I have no idea why I took this photo, other than it seemed like a good exuse to get my bike in another photo. Then what do we have here... a resting zone with a glimpse of something to look at. Well that was worth stopping for... looking out over the mountains, spectacular. Worth the ride around the mountains in both directions. Then some engineering porn. No one else seemed interested in it. Another lake at Tallangatta. Did I mention it was a cracking day? The Hume.... some would say I went soft... but there was a plan (at least that's what I'm claiming)..... The Hume is a 2 lane highway that runs the 800km between Melb and Sydney. Made it to the Yea bakery with 5 mins left open to snag one of the last pies thanks to some strategic overtakes and careful planning. Worked out just perfectly. Did I mention it couldn't have been a better day for it?
  6. As happens the day before easter, a call comes in from work saying I have to get to canberra (about 650km normally) the next wed as something has come up. No worries... flights are difficult and with the end of the warm weather let's do this the long way. I'll likely mention towns most people here haven't heard of as this is a modified repost from elsewhere. This is through the Snowy Mountains here that runs up the east coast of aus. Here is the route I took. https://goo.gl/maps/KC68UPe8MFL2 Get going at 630 and get through the yarra valley up through mansfield, fill up, and whitfield for a bacon and egg muffin. No one needs to see pics at 630. Far too early for anything sensible Move on a bit further and get through to some plains near tailangatta. Still a bit flat at this point Turn off after some more fuel and time for the alpine region. Fun times. Cross from the nanny state into NSW while waving goodbye to speed cameras and being locked up for 2kph over. Murray river is a bit low. A dam. Some weird alipine vegetation. No idea how it works - it all looks dead to me. Push on regardless seeing just the odd 4wd coming other way. It was glorious, road to myself mostly. Another dam. This was cool. Lots of fun roads through here too. Now this is the bit just after here where my riding got a bit retarded for a bit. The end of some plains on the snowy mountain highway as I headed back up the mountain. More dry stuff. Cooma... finally. Realised here that I should have had a decent stop between corryong back in vic and here. Parliament house. I think the bike matches. So at the end of that, got into work in the afternoon just in time to do 3 hours work. Reward.
  7. adprom

    Picture Thread

    It's an aqua box mounted with a ram mount. It holds my GPS.
  8. adprom

    Picture Thread

    I went for a ride today. First one for 2018. I like riding my VFR so it was time for a ride. A few bits of imagery that some in this thread may like. Melbourne was mid 20s (degrees Clausius throughout this post) today. Yea (north was going to be 40. But I like the pies in Yea. I was hungry, so I went to Yea. It was at least 40 in Yea. It was hot in Yea. That's 106 in the old scale. That's why no one was in Yea. Except for a couple of fools. Actually it didn't feel that hot, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. So then I decided the Eildon-Jamison road looks good. Let's go to Jamison. Jamison wasn't much cooler. But my bike found some shade. So then I went up the mountain thinking it might be cooler there. It was, a little. But the view was spectacular. I also like my bike. A lot. So here is a photo of it at the lookout. I did tell you that I like it a lot. I then managed to race a couple of harleys down the mountain. That was fun. The riders were pretty good too. Then it got cooler, and I found another mountain. So I thought I would take a selfie with the mountain. Back through the Black Spur. Melbourne being typical Melbourne thought well if 40 wasn't enough before, you need some rain now. That provided some cooling at least. There weren't some bad views there either. It was a fun ride. Did I mention it was hot?
  9. adprom

    Picture Thread

    LOL - just a backpack for Virgin Active (a gym train around here - my wife got a freebie bag at one point). Just a standard backpack.
  10. adprom

    How To Set The *&% Clock!

    Agreed... not sure what is so hard about it. This combination appears to be reasonably standard across honda (or at lest some of their bikes). Both buttons to enter menu, right button to move to next option, left button to change the option.
  11. adprom

    Picture Thread

    And some more... had to go to canberra for work... and back... About 740km each way via the princes highway and monary highway (there is a quicker way via the Hume that is 670km - but that is a lot more boring) Trip there was a bit wet... Which also included a short delay due to a B double crash Then there was canberra itself - our capital. Then there was the trip home.
  12. adprom

    Picture Thread

    And some from Yesterday's ride up into NSW via Echuca. Photos from Murray River in Echuca, and the next couple from Tocumwal.
  13. adprom

    Picture Thread

    Just a couple of photos from last week's ride down through south eastern victoria here... Arthur's Seat, Inverloch etc.

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