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  1. Picture Thread

    It's an aqua box mounted with a ram mount. It holds my GPS.
  2. Bump Starting

    Worth noting that this bike isn't super easy to jump start. Previous bike I could run on it and start. This one I was in a carpark and while rolling down the ramp tried and got a compression lockup. Worked the next time... but it does take some effort.
  3. Picture Thread

    I went for a ride today. First one for 2018. I like riding my VFR so it was time for a ride. A few bits of imagery that some in this thread may like. Melbourne was mid 20s (degrees Clausius throughout this post) today. Yea (north was going to be 40. But I like the pies in Yea. I was hungry, so I went to Yea. It was at least 40 in Yea. It was hot in Yea. That's 106 in the old scale. That's why no one was in Yea. Except for a couple of fools. Actually it didn't feel that hot, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. So then I decided the Eildon-Jamison road looks good. Let's go to Jamison. Jamison wasn't much cooler. But my bike found some shade. So then I went up the mountain thinking it might be cooler there. It was, a little. But the view was spectacular. I also like my bike. A lot. So here is a photo of it at the lookout. I did tell you that I like it a lot. I then managed to race a couple of harleys down the mountain. That was fun. The riders were pretty good too. Then it got cooler, and I found another mountain. So I thought I would take a selfie with the mountain. Back through the Black Spur. Melbourne being typical Melbourne thought well if 40 wasn't enough before, you need some rain now. That provided some cooling at least. There weren't some bad views there either. It was a fun ride. Did I mention it was hot?
  4. Interesting Fuel Stats.

    US uses an average of the MON and RON for their rating which is why the number is lower for the exact same fuel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octane_rating#Anti-Knock_Index_(AKI)_or_(R+M)/2 As for anything less than 5.5L/100km consistently... all I can think is that must be babying it a lot more than me!
  5. K&N Oil Filter Recall - KN-204

    Here in Australia - no recall. However mine gave way in the last few days - mechanic replaced filter and oil today. What a pain.
  6. Picture Thread

    LOL - just a backpack for Virgin Active (a gym train around here - my wife got a freebie bag at one point). Just a standard backpack.
  7. -1/+2 520 conversion considerations

    There is more going on than it appears to the eye. If you put a quickshifter on, it will also not work if the gear indicator stops working. The ECU self calibrates the gear indicator using RPM and speed as well as the independent switches however it also seems there is more going on. Also remember that when in 1st gear, when you let the clutch out, the RPM increases by 200 rpm as well. I'm wondering what else the engine does relying on certain data being correct.
  8. As per above, where did I ever suggest not to be aware that something was possible? I was simply arguing against the inevitable argument and the idea that it should be accepted as going to happen eventually. No where have I suggested sticking one's head in the sand. That's a completely different point to the one I was making (and one that I have been misrepresented with).
  9. Yes, because those completely relate to what I was saying. /facepalm. Leaving most of them, however the above is particularly special... I am bewildered as to how a functional mind (maybe that is the wrong assumption) equates that with what I am saying. Maybe this board is unique with people who all expect to drop their bikes. Interesting. There is a difference between the possibility of an event occurring and it being inevitable.
  10. How To Set The *&% Clock!

    Agreed... not sure what is so hard about it. This combination appears to be reasonably standard across honda (or at lest some of their bikes). Both buttons to enter menu, right button to move to next option, left button to change the option.
  11. Such absurd strawman retorts. If you want to ride around thinking falling off is inevitable, that you can't avoid accidents due to others etc, well that's up to you. I believe in personal responsibility. If you want to think dropping a bike being inevitable is a good mindset, well that's up to you.
  12. Do you wheelie your viffer?

    That definitely should not happen.
  13. Thanks for the advice, but nah, I'm right. Herein lies the problem, by suggesting to people that they will drop the bike, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. I know people who have ridden for 30+ years and never dropped a bike. No one is talking about being perfect.
  14. Eh, no. The whole crap about if you ride, you are going to drop it is just a load of BS. People can successfully ride and never drop a bike. Those who sprout the "you will eventually drop it" rubbish are the same ones who whinge when someone pulls out in traffic on them. Just because I am a new member here does not mean: 1. I am not a member of other forums 2. I am a new rider On some of the forums I am on, the members would tear a new one for the self fulfilling prophecy crap. That mentality amongst some other matters are covered @ http://www.bikeme.tv/index.php/atganfi/
  15. Bullshit. That crap is no more than self fulfilling prophecy.

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