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  1. I love my 14" Delkevic - makes the V4 sound glorious! Not too loud, especially when compared to the Arrow slip-ons installed on my Ducati S4R. I would not go shorter than the 14" version
  2. Nice work! Yes, I'd be interested. Sadly, Japanese bodywork design of the past couple decades has been going downhill - same with their car design. Too many ephemeral and meaningless added slashes, and unresolved lines. I've owned mostly Italian bikes and have always scratched my head as to why the Japanese can't design as well, or at least as well as they did throughout most of the 80s and 90s. Wish my 8th Gen VFR looked as good as my old 95 Ducati 900SS - simple fairing design with no slasher BS.
  3. I'll get it dynoed, but I think the stickers could be worth 3bhp! [emoji1]
  4. To cold to ride = apply new go-faster decals!
  5. 4corsa

    VFR History

    Very nicely captured history of the VFR here: https://www.bennetts.co.uk/bikesocial/news-and-views/features/bikes/history-honda-vfr
  6. Cowl and block-offs (unless I'm on a tour with side bags). This looks so much better!
  7. Hey guys, My Ram mount left a big scratch in the paint of my bar riser. Does anyone know the color code for the light bronze paint on the triple tree/riser? I checked the manual and paint code sticker under the seat, but it only has the body color code. Thanks!
  8. Although I love Ducati (I'm on my 4th and did more than a dozen track days on my 749), and agree there is a lot of useful trickle down technology from Moto GP, not necessarily everything translates to the street. What's best for lap times at Estoril is not always best for how we ride. I think World Superbike with production based engines and frames have a more direct relationship to the sport bikes we ride. By the 2nd year in SBK, Aprilia's RSV4 was dominant. The 90° layout might be best for 250 hp Moto GP bikes, but I haven't yet been convinced it's an advantage over the narrower Aprilia layout for sport bikes. And as mentioned, the Aprilia trounced the new Ducati V4 in a head to head test last year (granted, the Aprilia had 10 years of refinement to draw on). Undoubtedly they're both incredible bikes, and let's be honest, 99.9% of us are only capable of riding them at 75% of their capabilities on a good day. The very idea that we could buy a 5 year old RSV4 for under $10k with all that technology is mind-blowing. How lucky we are!
  9. The Aprilia V4s are fabulous, and 10 years ahead of Ducati. They've been tweaking it to perfection. I think it was Sport Rider who did a top sport bike comparison a year or so ago after the Ducati came out. It included the R1, S1000RR, Kawi, and Honda. Most of the test was at a track and the Aprilia RSV4 beat them all.
  10. I want a full fairing though - Never understood the lack of wind protection on the Multi.
  11. My mistake, I should have been more specific - the VFR800 has essentially been re-skinned for the past 20 years!
  12. Agreed, but I still want that V4 engine in my sport touring bike. If you could put the VFR V4 in the Ducati SS that would be Nirvana!
  13. It seems the biggest problem with the VFR is Honda has essentially been selling a re-skinned version of the same bike for 20 years now. Yes, the minor tweaks and refinements have been nice, but it's specs just don't stand up against other bikes of the past 10 years - especially it's suspension and weight! Until Honda commits to an all-new VFR (hopefully a 900cc version), that weighs around 430 lbs dry, 125 hp (minimum), and has fully adjustable suspension front and rear, they won't sell. Hopefully Ducati's focus on the V4 will spark Honda to finally completely update the VFR.
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