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  1. I just did this on my 95. I had a hell of a time getting the axle out of the bearing holder (eccentric), but once I got that out, the rest came apart easily. If you have a press, you should use that to remove and install the bearings. However, I was able to do both with out one. The only advice I have is make sure you orient the bearings properly when installing them (it is not hard to see which way they go). I cleaned out the factory grease and added my own, but I think there was plenty in the bearings I received. I got my bearings through bike bandit for just under $70. I read on here somewhere that there are those that have a second bearing holder/eccentric and swap them out every 2000 miles or something like that. I am going to buy a second one and change it out with every tire change. Then I can inspect, clean and lube the bearings (or change them if needed) and still ride .
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