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  1. Thanks, Mike! Yeah, it sucks ... but it's for a very good reason (not bad - extremely good work related stuff).
  2. Bad news, Mike .... I have to cancel out at this time. Something came up. I figure it's easier to re-join later if things change and gives lots of time for you to fill the space. :(
  3. ... and rightly so. Unless there's an actual 'ready to ship' product, you run the risk of losing your money. Crowd Funding is an investment, and like investors, you are taking on risk with many crowd funded projects. The reward is usually to be amongst the first to have it and at a considerably reduced price from retail. Just do a Google Search for "crowd funding failures". Some have raised a lot of coin, had prototypes, and nothing was ever produced. :( The only Kickstarter project that I've been 100% satisfied and happy with (and that actually made it to market) is the Atlas Throttle Lock. I love it! All that said, I've been patiently watching and monitoring this product in development: http://www.ridenuviz.com/
  4. I'll say .... feel bad for everyone who funded the Kickstarter. I've been burnt on crowd funding twice ... I won't be burnt a 3rd time. I also refuse to be an early adopter anymore. Too many bad experiences. All this happened in the past few weeks (one of the course of a year now)
  5. Anyone else see this today? News from Bell regarding a new 360* camera helmet with bluetooth, wifi, and crash detection ... http://www.revzilla.com/common-tread/bell-and-360fly-team-up-on-smart-helmet?utm_term=bell-and-360fly-team-up-on-smart-helmet
  6. JNBarrett

    1985 VF1000FF

    My $625 barn find purchased on January 2, 2016
  7. Thanks! I see that it's still active - I've sent Ryan Shearman a PM on here. If not - I'll likely grab a Sena 20S and the GoPro Backpack module.
  8. Is there still time / room for 1 more? I just sold off some of my radio controlled helicopters so I could get in on this (only way I can slip it past the wife - one hobby for another ... LOL)
  9. Yup, I live in a great area of of Manitoba for riding ... all along the Eastern part of Manitoba (North and South) is gorgeous terrain to ride. Up north in the Parkland Region (Riding Mountain National Park, Duck Mountains, The Pas, Assessippi) is also beautiful country to ride. Then down along the entire US border is the escarpment / Pembina Valley .... amazing country (this is the area I hunt in). The TransCanada between Winnipeg and Medicine Hat sucks though.
  10. Excellent! I'll let you know my plans as we get closer - that sounds like a blast though. :) NW Ontario is a gorgeous ride along the top of the lakes! If you go stateside ... Michigan's UP has some incredible riding (H-58 is amazing) as does NE Minnesota (Highway 1 is super twisty technical). The stretch between Winnipeg and Medicine Hat leaves much to be desired though. LOL
  11. My current ride. I picked it up and rode it home 3 weeks after my accident with my black one August 5, 2015. The new bike had 9,800km on it when I picked up up at the dealer. It was traded in by the original owner to the dealership.
  12. @superfunkomatic Did I miss the t-shirt design somewhere in the previous posts? Please excuse my ignorance and point me to the right posts if you have ... I'm from Manitoba, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. @jfviffer That looks about right from what I've seen / heard about Randy so far. ;)
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