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  1. 4th Gen CBR1000rr Tail Swap

    Agreed. I think that needs to come in quite a bit.
  2. Found this on the Power Commander website: http://www.powercommander.com/powercommander/products/AutoTune/powercommander_autotune.aspx " To use these kits your exhaust must have an 18mm bung installed " And came across the following from the service manual, which I'm hoping should be accurate and fit. All I would need to do would be to close up one of the holes once fitted.
  3. Has anyone installed a PCV and Auto Tune on the 1200 yet? I'm curious if I need to weld a bung hole for the O2 sensor, or if I could remove the stock ones installed and use them instead. I'm not too sure if there's a size difference, hence why I'm asking. Obviously it would be great if I could use the already existing hole. I don't feel like going to a muffler joint to have someone cut one for me.
  4. Bought my bike at 8,500 miles in May 2014, current mileage is 15,466 and performed the following: front wheel @ 9,374 engine oil & filter @ 9,386 front brake pads @ 9,660 final drive oil @ 9,862 rear wheel (massive puncture) @ 10,299 front right brake disc (left disc lock on) @ 11,448 installed k&n air filter @ 14,700 Kudos to Dae with 160,000km's. Helps set my mind at peace when I posted a question in the forum of how many miles will the engine last. I've booked my bike in for a full service in 2-3 weeks time. First time I will service a bike in the UK. They said it could cost up to £700, which seems quite a bit, but he did mention it could include brake pads and air filters. Anyone done a full service in the UK and have a better idea how much it would cost?
  5. My Build

    What brand/model are the side tank pads? I'm looking to get some myself, as my knees are starting to mark the nice white paint with black :S

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