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  1. Received my recall letter from Honda UK today....only 2 weeks after having had the 'inspection' by my dealer! Makes me wonder if the inspection report sent to Honda UK by the dealer has prompted them to send the letter (am I being cynical?). VFR1200F (2010-2015YM) & VFR1200X (2012-2015YM) The letter explains that there are 2 parts to the recall: Part one will be an inspection and replacement, if required, with a current specification drive shaft. Part two will be the replacement of the drive shaft with a countermeasure part even if it was replaced during part one of this campaign. You will receive another notification letter when part two is launched. I have copied this from the letter so that there is no confusion about the Recall details, particularly for the owners who have not had the letter yet.
  2. It would appear that not all of the staff in customer services at Honda UK know about the recall. When I rang them I must have spoken to a different member of staff to the one that some dealers have spoken to, mine knew absolutely nothing about a recall. When I pressed him, he asked for my registration number and then told me there were no recalls for my Vfr1200F DCT.

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