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  1. Got all of that, that will be the easy part. My question lies where the block is for the pcV line that runs to the rear. That's the one I'm wondering about
  2. i am pretty mechanically inclined and knowledgable, just curious on the brake line differences between 5th and 6th gen
  3. i know this is super old... but will the same ends work for the 5th gen at the PCV? I know the calipers are the same and the holes are the same but curious since the PCV is on the opposite side of the bike on the 6th gen
  4. Bet they sound good too with the size. Little 'spensive but thank you for the update and thoughts :)
  5. So does the PCV allow timing changes on my y2k vfr? Earlier it was said that PCIII cannot do timing adjustments... And timing is essential to gaining the most power, adding fuel only gets you so far before you need to adjust the timing
  6. its more food for thought anyhow no worries on looking, im looking at photos and it looks as if the cans will fit but i would have to stagger the mounting clamps if they were that size. When i get around to it i will probably shell out the extra $30 and make them 3.25" around with a 1.5" inlet and their standard 12" length
  7. Looking at Dan moto cans are 3.54" around and a sleeve length of 11.8" with 2.02" inlets... Length and inlet seem ok but wondering if the cans are too large in diameter to fit in there side by side... FYI: They said they do custom specs too in case anyone was wondering... It's $305 shipped for 2 cans custom made with titanium sleeves, the carbon should be a little cheaper. $275 for their standard spec cans. Good email response time too, especially for Hong Kong or where ever.
  8. yeah i am interested to know, ive been eye balling a pair of Dan moto titanium cans that a buddy has left off of his z1000... they're 2" inlet which seems like it may be a hassle but maybe they sell smaller inlet/diameter cans
  9. do you remember what the diameter of the cans were? thinking of going down this road someday
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