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  1. Poncho

    Wrestler MIA.jpg

    OH, that is tooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!! Only thing missing is the EH Team coming to the rescue. LMAO!
  2. Poncho

    Calabogie 2010.JPG

    What a differance a couple years makes.
  3. Poncho

    Track Day

  4. Its too far away!!! :(

  5. I'm ready for a 'bogie boogie, homeslice! Is it June yet???

  6. Trav. I guess Tumbles and I will have to head down I75 so I can hold your throttle open for ya. This will also save on your back as it will take less time at our pace. See ya down there.
  7. Poncho

    VTEC RC30ed

    WOW! Now thats sweet!!!
  8. Poncho

    Whiteface mountain

    Ya, what he said. it a stop on a weekend trip I do with some ot the Ottawa riders. We go to Lake George. Nice roads great view and its away from the city.
  9. Who am I to question Mother Honda but I am going too. Trying to fix some electrical problems with my handy service manual for 2003 to 2004 vfr's. I am looking at the wiring diagram from the 02 to 03 abs and taking voltage reading and things are not right. Here is the thing. the white/ black wire that comes from the R/R has a different voltage on it then the red/white wires even though the wiring diagram show the they are at the same point or potential as far as voltage goes. When the key is turned off there is no voltage on the white/black but there is still full voltage on the red/white. These 3 wires can not be tied together as show in the diagram. After more readings I have come to the ideal that the wiring diagram IS wrong. :o When I look at the diagram for after 03 models it shows the white/ black wire from the R/R the right way. Now if someone can prove me wrong on this I would be happy to listen. I am looking forward to my talk with Honda Canada.
  10. Poncho


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