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  1. realistdreamer

    Keith Code

  2. realistdreamer

    My Born Again VFR

    Pre-modification pics on the day I got her as well as current photos after modifications complete March 2012.
  3. realistdreamer

    IMG 6130

    I love that bike. That was my first ride and will always have fond memories.
  4. realistdreamer

    Riding Ergonomics

    I have this same issue on my 5th Gen. Will Heli's help with this angle issue? Would a shop be able to drill the holes for a "reasonable" cost?
  5. realistdreamer

    Bay Area Roll Call Ride 5-26-12

    Photos from the day
  6. realistdreamer

    VFR800 & Stebel Nautilus Air Horn

    Another 5th Gen install, but on the left. Only needed one bolt and a 90 degree brace.
  7. realistdreamer

    What is this?

    OK. Wondering what new gadget I was missing out on.
  8. realistdreamer

    What is this?

  9. realistdreamer

    Drip Drip - April 2012

  10. realistdreamer

    Should I buy a battery cover?

    Based on the dimensions on yours at Amazon and mine at Wally world, I think mine might be narrower. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Slime-Tire-Top-Off-Inflator/16782755
  11. realistdreamer


  12. realistdreamer

    My 5.5gen VFR

    Wow. Time, talent and treasure went into that one. Nice work.
  13. realistdreamer

    Should I buy a battery cover?

    Interesting idea of turning the battery around. I wish I had thought of that when I was cutting wires. No everything is set for the stock placement and given where the frame ground is, it's probably for the best.
  14. realistdreamer

    Should I buy a battery cover?

    Thanks for the insight. I moved the stock toolkit behind the compressor and added a few extra tools in the grey pouch behind that. The slime compressor's case with plugs and adhesive fit perfectly in the grooves for the stock toolkit, so I figured the other tools were more flexible and could be placed elsewhere. Saw RedShed's tidy wiring and got jealous. Not quite up to those standards, but I added some additional 8 gauge grounds and a direct connect for my battery tender.
  15. realistdreamer


    Location of VFRNess on my 2000 VFR and some of the wiring

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