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  1. First test I would do is turn each pilot jet on each carb in seperately (Engine running @ idle) gently untill it reaches fully in.. Don't force it, because the small tips tend to break in the carb housing if you tighten it with force.. If you hear one cilinder cutting out on idle, you know the pilot adjustment is working for that carb. If it doesn''t you know that one ain't right.. Could be a faulty O-ring, plugged jet or whatever, but it will pinpoint you in the right directon which carb needs to be adressed. If all are working it doesn't matter how many turns it should be out.. The preset is just a given startup to go from.. If the bike surges on idle, it can be lean.. This resultst on pops and bangs on deceleration. Also there's hesitation at pick up while riding.. A shudder jerky sensation you slighly open the throttle getting out of the corner.. Besides that, and also when you have to go beyond 3 turns out you might consider the slow jet being too small.. If the slow jet is too rich it would seem to have a dip when you open up the throttle throughout the 2-5 krpm range..
  2. The first part of rebuilding.. Take the bika apart into pieces.. So far so good..
  3. Say that again… I was praying backwards a few times, but finaly I got them. And if the tools are not at hand when needed, you have to improvise and make them yourself.. Just for those synch screws--> I want that factory tool.. No, not the one that they sell as a service tool, I want the one they had on the assembly line.. #2 is a pain in the butt.. You have to open the throttle just a wee bit to be able to turn the synch screw. Good day of wrenching and surprised to see the VF500 being aged 30+ just needs little tweaks to keep her up to snuff.. How was she on the way home? Did she remark some positive notice on the ride home?
  4. When you have a GPS telling you the right travelling speed.. When you have a phone installed on your BT headset (with flitsmeister) giving you audible information when you are going to fast.. ? ? Why on earth do you need a lightbulb fixed on your odo??? I don't get it..
  5. Thanks Michael... We got this one fixed again... While continuing my trip to Brussel, coming in to Brussel, it was closed for traffic.. Today happened to be Car Free Sunday.. That's nice if you want to go to your hotel..
  6. Nice picture... Allthough... Did you choose that location on purpose? In life many of these bikes end up in a similar shredder as in the background of that picture...
  7. About yhe age to turn the About the age to turn the SP2 into a ST1300 or a GL and keep the VF for the twisty shortcuts in life...
  8. Dude, with that trunk, the way you have it set up.... It looks like you don't want to have that trunk to be part of your bike.. We need to talk dude.. Seems like the Baltic experience has done some brain damage...
  9. Now put on some safetywire on those bolts to get the real performance look..
  10. JMHO, the Laser set does have a better look then the BOS cannisters. However... These BOS cans look good... I would have changed the link pipes so the cannisters would follow the line of the of the rear cowl... They are just a bit steap to me currently... Crap... That Vid I once entered is showing on every entry... How do I ged rid of it ??
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