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  1. Factory Service Manual is found in the download section:
  2. @Resina Thanks for the compliments. I haven't encountered touching the link pipe but I was afraid I would in the near future. I was thinking about extending the heel plate on the footrest, but I like your option on installing a heat shield on the link pipe. The Joshi is oval, and maybe that's why I have a little more clearance on the undertray compared to the Delkevic endcan. Besides that, it's carbon and does not radiate that much heat. After a long stint or even at city traffic I can still touch the endcan without scoulding.
  3. ECU is different. ECU controls the HISS (Honda Ignition Security System) so the keys are coded.. The exhaust has a calalitic converter and two lambda sensors. The choke (fast idle) is controlled automaticly bij a "wax" box on the intake manifold. RPM dial has the VFR logo, also the displays have a different font. Mirrors are different, the 2000 onward models don't have the rubber condoms on the mirror stalks. Top tripple tree and bars are different.
  4. A great day to be out, and yes, whitey and me became good friends. Bike handles great. I did hve a 1998 version, but this 2K version is different.. Not on the chassis, but engine wise, everything is much smoother.. At low rpms throughout the middle towards redline, there are no hickups or flat spots.. I guess the updated version nailed it for me.. She's welcome to stay..
  5. Yes. There is enough clearance to keep the exhaust in place.
  6. And.. I want it high uo and following the lines of the rear cowl.. That\s c;lose enough...
  7. Well today was rainy.. So lets spend the day to get the exhaust update to a high mount.. That needs some tubing from the bottom end upwards..
  8. If it doesn't rain tomorrow, it will be playtime..
  9. That bad looking came from whitey.. The good looking engine came with the donor.. Don't get me wrong.. My 1000R mill looked worse, and in fact was seized after two years neglecting/non running.. But it came out nice after a full resto.. Full engine resto means another 200 hrs.. The donor saved me a lot of time..
  10. She got the manual back again.. The throttle housing on the 2000 model looked like a nightmare to revive. Everything is corroded. Also it requires the coolant recirculation, so different waterpipes and thermostat housing.. For know I installed the throttle housiing of the donor bike. So the cable is back.. I saved all the parts to install that back in the near future, but for now it is working.. IIRC the cable isn't realy a choke, it is a fast idle function.. Thanks for your input, it is well received..
  11. Today she breathed air for the first time since the rebuild.. Next.. take care of all the tupperware..
  12. Thanks, The reason why I got puzzled, was that the 2000 onward model has a different top mount and handlebars. The locking bolts are in a different position. The handlebars between the pre 2000 model without HISS and the 2000 onward models with HISS are different, and not exchangeable.
  13. Thanks,RC36B my manual wasn't as clear as your pic.. I did install them behind the legs, so I am assured it is good.. Also the bands on the cluster / frame stay wiring make sense now.. They are welded upward, like (to me) Honda installed them wrong way around.. You have to fold them down against it's welding position to hold the wiring.. Weird..
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