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  1. nedhills

    IMG 3239

    nope. in canada we got the 750s while the states got the 700s because of laws.
  2. nedhills

    IMG 3239

    its actually the 750 nighthawk. its my friends. thanks
  3. At your auto supply store it will come in a package. Just make sure you get the fiberflass repair kit, it does wonders.
  4. nedhills


  5. best one of them all.
  6. nedhills


    Nice cup holder and nice choice of drink to put in it must make it go faster. JK
  7. definitely bridgestone battlax bt45.
  8. I want to go there soooooooooo bad. me and my friend will probably go there when we get more money.
  9. nedhills

    The Greatest Bikes Of The 80s

    This is my friends CB750SC and my VF750F.
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