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  1. nasaorbit13

    IMG 0605

    I took it off on purpose! Next time, we'll get one with a helmet!
  2. Epic ride on March 24th, 2013
  3. Good luck man. I hope Honda does come through and provides at least some type of concessions.
  4. nasaorbit13

    IMG 0212

    How did the Traction Control do? Just out of curiosity.
  5. nasaorbit13

    Q1 2013

  6. nasaorbit13


    Multiple rides in 2012.
  7. Oh, what a beautiful bike. I want it!
  8. Hi Hispanicslammer, If you pass through Phoenix please let me know. It would be nice to get together for lunch or something. Or even if you pass through the north of Arizona, we can always meet somewhere for a ride through the mountains.
  9. Was all this done for the 8K service?
  10. nasaorbit13


    Baby got some luggage!
  11. nasaorbit13


    Fiona is replaced by Stella!
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