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  1. Well, it's February 1 in another day...still not a peep from the local dealer since I contacted them a month ago. I'm am on the wait list for the fancy new driveline parts. This is a ridiculously long time to 'ground' the bike voluntarily. The thought of the rear locking up at any speed is disconcerting. I have 'cheated' a bit... and rode it a couple of times around the block to keep the battery up. I live in a area (not by accident!) that allows year-round riding, Monterey CA area. It was almost 70 deg F a couple of days ago. Rather than take out my favorite bike, I had to ride a lesser motorcycle in my stable. That just has to be OK for me to accept, but what about someone that only has one motorcycle? NO offer to pick up or deliver the bike from my stealership.... it's up to me to do that, and that's damn inconvenient. Requires me to have my wife follow me on the limping bike in her car to the dealer. They fix it hopefully, and then 'repeat the process' in reverse with one pissed off wife... certainly not 'Lexus' customer treatment, although the VFR1200 is certainly priced like one! BLIGHT
  2. OK, I'll let it go... it's not like I have a lot of options anyway! Bummed I can't ride it for several weeks with some peace of mind though. Think I'll do the suggested visual check inside the rubber boot and see if anything looks weird or loose. My 40 year old GL1000 never had any driveshaft issues... you'd think Honda would have had plenty of time to make it 'bulletproof' BLIGHT
  3. Just got wind of this recall... went to the Honda corporate website and input my VIN.... bike #572 produced in 2010. One of the first batch made! It says I need the inspection and repair. Mine's a 2010 manual shift with just over 9K miles. I filled out a service request form from a local dealer online, mentioning I need the recall service/repair done. I also asked if they had a loaner bike (so I could get home and then back the next day) I also purchased the bike out of state last year... not so unusual, right? Got back this rather pert reply from the service manager: Hello Brian, This is in response to your email sent to us regarding the drive shaft recall on your VFR. I do not show that you purchased said motorcycle from this dealership, nor do I have any record of any service work performed here. Thus, I will need your VIN to contact Honda and order the needed parts kit. There is currently no release date as to when we would receive said kit, so I cannot book you an appointment at this time. The proper procedure is as follows. 1) send me your VFRs VIN number. I will contact Honda and order the kit for your unit. Once we receive the kit, I will contact you and set up an appointment.The work will take one day. Drop off the unit on the morning of your appointment and we would have it done that afternoon. Unfortunately, we do not have "loaner" motorcycles. Thank you for your inquiry, <Dealer Name Here> Is it just me or does the letter above seem a bit rude? BLIGHT Here's the specifics regarding the recall:
  4. Thank you... my 2010 VFR1200 is being shipped to me in about 10 days, so I wanna read up on this bike! BLIGHT
  5. RIP Marco, that was truly a horrible way to go (and so young too) ... but, he was doing what he truly loved to do. We'll all miss his unique personality, enthusiasm, and wonderful riding skills. BLIGHT
  6. 90 downloads

    Hey guys I just scanned the 8pg. VF1000R brochure, and thought I'd post it here. I didn't see it elsewhere on the forums or main site... (attached) Enjoy! BLIGHT Oh, and please notice the BLACK upper triple in one of the pages! Official Honda Literature...
  7. Thanks for the manual! I just picked up a nice '86 VF1000R, and it came with a shop manual. The one you scanned is different, and has a lot of things the other one doesn't. Cheers, BLIGHT
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