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  1. Don't believe everything you read. Fuel consumption of the VFR1200 is not the problem idiot journalists made it out to be. Not a problem at all.
  2. Yes I get the customise thing, as Mohawk will testify, I'm not a standard bike kinda guy either. But trying to extract huge power increases, to me means I started with the wrong bike. Particularly as actual engine performance has virtually nothing to do with how fast I may, or can ride.
  3. Doesn't have to be anything like a pig. My eVo4's plenty nimble and fast enough. Just ask Mohawk. 😀
  4. Mohawk is not at 140. More like 120 something, I forget exactly what. I've ridden with him and it's a nice quick bike. I still wonder though at trying to make a bike go faster. Seems a bit of a fool's errand. Why not just buy the faster bike in the first place. Not like they're in short supply and nothing, I mean NOTHING will ever make a VFR800 go like e.g. a FireBlade. Or a VFR1200 come to think of it.
  5. In simple terms, max. power only determines top speed. Torque determines how quickly you get there.
  6. Sadly, whenever a manufacturer says they 'retuned' an engine with the implication that they may have dropped power, but increased torque, the reality is usually they simply lopped off the top end, with maybe a slighter fatter torque curve, but rarely is it actually higher. Don't get carried away with thoughts of the apparent extra power of the 'F' model though. Horsepower only determines top speed. Torque is what gets you there.
  7. Well the ECU has complete control, as we know from multiple ride modes on other bikes that can cap the performance. The smaller diam. headers on the CrossTourer will increase torque while restricting top end power and with different ECU mapping that's all that's required to change the engine characteristics. You can check, but I'm pretty sure that when I did I found the pistons, heads, cams and intake stuff is the same on both bikes. Makes huge sense from a manufacturing point of view.
  8. Literally the same engine. The exhaust was pretty much the only way they changed the power characteristics - well and the ECU mapping of course. Intake and cams etc are all the same. I'm not actually sure about the tank mountings. They may even be the same. More likely the front, but maybe even the rear. Don't expect a 'drop-in' replacement on a VFR1200F though. The tank sides are completely different so plastics just wouldn't match up. However, for a one-off naked special that wouldn't be an issue. I considered it for my eVo4, but 180 miles range is enough for me.
  9. Coxy and I have been discussing this since almost the beginning and I truly admire his abilities to create his own frame. But I still wonder, why. Honda did the hard work and made a great frame in cast alloy, why bother with all the effort to make a steel version. But that’s JMO and I still admire his craftsmanship. Regarding the tank size, I have frequently achieved 180 miles of fast riding (not motorway) on a tankful and to be honest, have no desire to go further without a break. But if you want more, a CrossTourer tank is bigger and an easy swap, but looking at the merged VFR and Yamaha tank makes me wonder if an SP-1/SP-2 tank could be more easily massaged to fit. Now we just need to crack Honda’s unique and proprietary serial protocol and a better choice of dash would be possible. Ha, maybe that’s the cause of their recent global hack. Someone was trying to decipher that VFR serial protocol. 😀
  10. I have been following this thread with interest, but have rather lost track of what's available. I am interested in a system that would fit a 5th Gen 800 motor, with 8th Gen front rads and high level underseat mufflers like the 6th Gen. I expect to have to make my own link pipe to the high level mufflers I will be using. Would I be correct in thinking that this is all possible with one of these systems? If so, then I'd like to place a deposit for final delivery to the UK.
  11. I'm also working on an RC46=>RC45 replica so all info on similar projects is of interest. However I have NO intention of eliminating the Single Sided SwingArm as that is so much a part of what makes an RC45. Yes I know, they did try double sided at the end of its racing career, but it was never actually produced with that. For me, it has to be SSSA.
  12. Sorry to dredge all this up again, but just came across this. What the hell does it mean? I guess 214mm is the forkleg centre spacing and that matches what Honda often use on larger bikes, but what's 210mm? There simply cannot be 2 different fork spacings on the same bike. ????
  13. Only just seen this. It's a while since I did this work, but checking the parts list again shows that as I recall, there is a spring circlip on the end of the shaft as it pushes into the FDU. So to pull the shaft out requires pulling hard enough to overcome the circlip trying to stay seated in its groove. I don't now remember how hard it was, but I'm thinking it will be a fair old tug. That's why trying to push the FDU back onto the installed shaft is basically impossible as the shaft telescopes shorter rather than the circlip allowing the shaft to slide into the FDU. So you need to fit the shaft to the FDU, then install that assembly into the S/A. To have 3 hands would help with that. Regarding the rear brake binding, I do recall the carrier being very close to the rotor, but as long as it's not actually touching, that's ok. I cannot imagine how it could be assembled with the carrier in the wrong place. Also if the binding occurs after braking, that would suggest it's a problem with the caliper. Mind you, if yours is DCT, there's 2 calipers and I've never worked on a DCT. You may of course have sorted it by now, in which case, what was found to be the trouble?
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