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  1. Well executed Seb. Good form, bravo, bravo good chap.
  2. RoadToed

    Burnt Bonnie

    Oct. 13 Hwy 123 AR
  3. RoadToed

    Pig Trails proof

    1400 miles to Harrison around the the area and back home to St Louis in 3 days.
  4. RoadToed


    I was looking for a white one but none around and the silver does look sharper in person. I think blue wheels will be coming next year.
  5. RoadToed


    YAY I finally made it. Thanks HS. Too bad I had to sell the 93(tear). It was it or new gear and I really needed gear. Same jacket for 13 years and it was made in the late 60's. So now I got a new 2 piece and gloves coming. Andrew
  6. RoadToed


    MY 1993 VFR 750f
  7. RoadToed

    Long Lost Brothers

    My 93 and 05 meeting for the first time
  8. RoadToed

    2005 VFR800 Vtec

    Here is my new VFR
  9. nice looking welds SEB, nice looking bike V8C
  10. RoadToed


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