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  1. Nothing better than white wheels on a 5th Gen...and Wolf. Holy grail
  2. 3 Prairie dogs spotted, 2 were adorable, one, kind of suspicious and scraggly... Did not run over tho... Wind sucked
  3. So Far so good. ABQ was its usual headache, nothing more, nothing less. Spring NM winds were typically horrific, but got a bit better when I got off Godforsaken I40. My '98 is the 2nd 5th Gen for me. I traded my first, a '99 for an FJR when I was living in Seattle and thought it would be better for trips with my wife on the back (Never happened) as well as ABS in the rain (ehh, maybe?).. I found a local '98 after I had moved to NM, rare in my part of the world and jumped on it, then started building my dream sport tourer, even though Kids put a serious damper on sport touring.
  4. Ha, we'll see. Probably right for now, ask me in 10 more years. I see you're from Portland. My First BIG ride was 2001, Mt St Helens to Monterey for WSBK with the old VFRNW group...Helens1.tif
  5. Leaving tomorrow, making it a two day, stopping in Reserve NM, cause I'm getting old, and it's been 15 yrs since I did Big Mileage (>350) days. Did Iron Butt type rides in my 30's, but... https://goo.gl/maps/UBW18nw4JncF1jGG9 Any advice appreciated. Taking my '98.
  6. Yeah, though I opened up my airbox alot, I may glue in some wide metal screen over the openings...
  7. Found this little present when i started to clean up the '98 I just bought... Bike couldn't breath well. Zero intake noise...
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