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  1. slo1

    20190623_211201 b.jpg

    thanks guys, sometimes a pig gets a truffle ;)
  2. slo1

    vfr750 97 (14).jpg

    From the album: 4th gen misc

  3. slo1

    sierra's 2013 c.jpg

    From the album: 4th gen misc

  4. slo1


    From the album: 4th gen misc

  5. slo1

    IMG_6380 b.jpg

    From the album: 4th gen misc

  6. 2 weeks is about enough time to hit all the cool roads in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.........
  7. slo1

    vfr800 11 14 2019 (13) b.jpg

    Thank you, snow today, so it was the last mountain ride till spring.
  8. I'm sure Paul will be along shortly..... but from Tyga FB post...
  9. # me too.... had a garage full of Honda toys, vfr400/750, Hawk GT, cbr400, etc, BUT the FZ1 was my go to all rounder/traveler for years.. 98 vfr800 fills that role now, but the tracer is tempting....
  10. slo1

    Fall 2019

  11. Only one i have at the moment... many more pics and info to come...
  12. not sure if this is authorized, but since i sent them 2 full TBR systems i will take the liberty.....
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